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Zac Designs Coco's Dress


I’ve been looking online at wedding dress ideas for months now. I’m basically getting nowhere. Thankfully, my awesome friend Alison has offered to help do a little dress reconnaissance, because get this–she likes to do it! Not only did she pick out her own gorgo dress, she also helped another friend find her dress. She’s like the wedding dress whisperer or something.

Anyway, you know what would be even more rad? Having Zac Posen design your wedding dress. That’s what newly engaged Coco Rocha is doing, according to her recent tweats: Mr. Zac Posen is the best! I met with him to discuss wedding dress designs and immediately sketches were flying… So exciting!!


Coco is engaged to British-born interior designer James Conran, who decorated her home And it’s no big surprise that Coco chose Zac Posen as her designer. They’ve been friends since Coco started walking in Zac’s shows, and she posed for his Spring/Summer ad campaign.

I will be so curious to see what her dress looks like!  Le sigh.

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Part 2: Interview with Shear Genius Eliminated Contestant Brian


For those of your who have been dying for Part Two of my interview with Brian Buterbaugh, the eliminated contestant from Wednesday night’s Shear Genius, sorry for the delay! It’s been a crazy week full of the Three F’s: flying, family and funerals. I’m settling back into LA and finally got a second to transcribe this. It’s worth the wait though–full of juicy tidbits. Brian is nothing if not totally candid. I wonder why the editors didn’t show more of that on the show? It’s also interesting to see what he has to say about Brig. Seems like Brian, April and Amy all liked Brig and thought she was talented. That leaves Faatemah, Janine and Mathew as the Brig haters. Are there others that I’m forgetting? It’s interesting to see what Brian has to say about it, though. He really gave a great interview!

When we left off, Brian kinda called me out for criticizing his hair in the flower challenge. (I said it looked like a spa ad, that the hair looked like mud, and that Janine should have won the challenge.) When he brought it up, I initially felt badly because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings–which is why I would suck as a judge or a contestant on a reality show. But if I can write my opinions, I should be prepared to back them up in person (or over the phone). I can’t hide behind my words. In the previous interview, Brian said he didn’t like Mathew or April’s hair on the flower challenge and that he won because the judges liked his hairstyle the best.

Hair On The Brain: It’s subjective. Everyone has their own opinion.

Brian: MmHmm. And I think that’s apparent. Whether the judges were critical or they were favorable of me in judgment, you can see that on my face. Whether I won or not, I was like, thank you. And when they didn’t like it, I was like, OK. I am self aware of what I do, of what my abilities are, and who I am. So, someone else’s opinion is merely their opinion. It means nothing to me.


HOTB: That kind of relates to the conversation you were having on the last episode with Mathew and Janine about Brig. You said that Brig was playing the game better than everyone else…

Brian: Absolutely! Brig really just played it full-tilt boggie. She played the game, from the minute she woke up to the moment she went to sleep. And I give her props for that. She is an amazing person. To put up with the adversity that she had to put up with in that household… I give her props. I think she’s amazing and that’s why we continue to keep in touch to this day.

HOTB: What do you mean by adversity? Read more…

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Glam Headbands Giveaway!


When I was a no-bang gal, I just pulled my hair into a ponytail when I went running, but now that I have bangs I have to deal with the annoying issue of what to do with them when I’m working out… Do I clip them back with bobby pins? (Not terribly cute.) Slip all my hair back with a headband? (Can be too tight on my head.) I tell ya; it’s an issue.

Recently, I was checking out, and first of all, I was blown away by how many style options they had! You can sort by every color in the rainbow, band width, and a million different style choices, like metallic vegan leather, lace, double band, polka dots, sequins, and many more. But what really caught my eye was the design–they’re non-slip, adjustable headbands, which were originally designed for athletes. They’re lined with velvet to prevent the headbands from slipping and then trimmed with adjustable elastic to comfortably fit all head sizes.  The headbands’ adjustability not only ends headband headaches, but also prevents the headband from ever stretching out because the elastic can be set to a tighter setting. Plus! They’re super reasonably priced between $10 to $16. Sweet.

And as you guys know, there is nothing I love more than giveaways. So, specially for my fashionable and athletic readers,  courtesy of, I’m giving away one $75.00 gift certificate to a lucky Hair On The Brain reader! That means the winner will be able to pick out whatever Glam headbands they want on the site! How fun. I’m actually kinda jealous. Can I enter my own giveaway?  😉

This giveaway has now closed. And the lucky winner is #17 Lacretia! Congrats. And everyone else,be sure to enter the rest of the giveaways!


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How To: ghd Curls & Waves


As you may remember, I recently hosted a ghd IV styler giveaway. Pretty exciting stuff. I hope to be able to run another one at some point, if there is enough interest in these great stylers. (Maybe? Silently begs the ghd gods.) Anyway, I am totally in love with mine. It gets my hair more smooth and straight than any other flat iron I’ve ever tried. And it’s also makes curling and waving really simple, which is  something I always struggled to achieve with other stylers. I thought it would be helpful to compile a little how to here on ghd curling/waving techniques…

How To Curl With Your ghd:

  1. After lightly misting your hair with ghd Thermal Protector, section the hair and lightly mist with ghd Creation Spray. (Both products are reviewed below.)
  2. Place the ghd styling iron vertically 1 inch away from the root. Gently close the iron with minimum tension.
  3. Turn the iron clockwise by 90 degrees. Continue to turn the iron by another 90 degrees.
  4. For an intense curl, pull the iron very slowly away from the head in a continuous smooth movement, for a less intense curl you can move the iron more quickly through the hair.
  5. An s-shaped vertical curl is created. To complete the style repeat through all sections.
  6. Finally, separate the curls with your hands.

In case you’re a visual learner, here’s a handy dandy video on how to curl from ghd. Trust me, it makes a lot more sense once you see it!

After the break, find out how to create two different kinds of waves with your ghd and read my reviews of ghd Thermal Protector and ghd Creation Spray. Read more…

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JLH Breakover?


It’s another breakover! In the wake of her breakup with Jamie Kennedy, Jennifer Love Hewitt either A.) cut her long wavy hair into a shortish bob or B.) removed her extensions for a brief ‘hair break’ before attaching more.


I’m going with B. What do you guys think?

And if this is a breakover, is it as successful as Abbie Cornish‘s after her split with Ryan Phillippe?

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SJP Gets Extensions


Check out these glorious, super long waves on Sarah Jessica Parker at the launch of Halston Heritage in Toronto. Even SJP has extensions these days! (Is it better than the Oscar hair?)


I know not everyone loves Sarah Jessica, but I can’t help but be thrilled by her fashion choices. Never a dull moment with her! On March 18th she received the Ensemble Award at the ShoWest Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas, along with her Sex In The City castmates. And her dress was bananas! So great and over the top, yet she manages to to pull it off, even on her tiny frame.

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Part 1: Interview with Shear Genius Eliminated Contestant Brian

Picture 4

On last night’s Shear Genius, I thought maybe Brig might go home… But who are we kidding? She’s in it till the end. Instead, pretty boy Brian Buterbaugh was sent packing. I had a nice chat with him this morning where I discovered he’s read my blog at least once! Check out Part 1 of a 2 part interview. I have to head home for a funeral for a few days, so the second part of this juicy interview will come later this weekend. I hope this delicious Brian nugget will keep you all satisfied till I get back. Trust. It’s worth the wait.  😉

Picture 5

Hair on the Brain: Were you surprised to be eliminated during last night’s Elimination Challenge with Estelle?

Brian: I was a little surprised that the challenge that eliminated me was one where I was trying to duplicate Edie Sedgwick. I’m a lifelong Andy Warhol fan and a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the Andy Warhol museum is and where Andy Warhol is from originally, and I live in New York City, so the similarities have kept me interested throughout my life. So, yes, I was surprised.

And looking back in hindsight, if you didn’t know who did what and you didn’t know if there was a clown or, like, somebody who was an outrageous freak doing somebody’s hair, and you stood back and looked objectively at the hairstyles, then you might think differently. … Do you know what I mean by that?


Brian: In my opinion, I think the judges were judging personality over the ability to do hair. Let’s not forget this is a television show. I think in the future, if they truly want to judge hair, the judges should be unaware of who did what. Just bring the models out and see which represents hair fashion, which represents the challenge most specifically, which looks like shit and which doesn’t. Because looking back my hair was not that bad. … Are you the one who writes for Hair on the Brain?

HOTB: Yes.

Brian: The two challenges that I won you thought the one looked like a spa ad and it looked like mud and you said you thought Janine’s was better. If Janine’s was better, she would have won. But she didn’t. But mine—I used one flower in my hair. I used one flower. In the flower challenge, the one that I won. So at the end of the day, it’s all in how you interpret it. And just as how you have your opinions, many people have their opinions.

Picture 6

HOTB: Absolutely.

Brian: Then the dream boy of the whole challenge, of the whole show [Mathew] made his hair like a bathing cap. He used so many flowers, and it still looked like shit. And April’s, who they also favored, looked like she was rolling around in grass. I thought it looked terrible, in my opinion, but they seemed to like it, but they liked mine more.

LOTS more Shear Genius gossipy insanity to come when I get back, kids, so tune in this weekend! Bye till then. And in the meantime, check out my other Shear Genius interviews and info.

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Ciara's New Hair


Last time I paid attention to Ciara’s hair was during the Grammy Awards festivities. She had cornrows at a pre-Grammy party, and then wore a sleek, pulled-back look to the actual Grammy’s. But now she’s sporting this super long, curly hair. What do you guys think–is she just wearing her hair curly or is that a new weave?


This was her Grammy look…

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Anne Hathaway Hairstyles


Anne Hathaway had one of the best cinematic hair transformations of all time in The Devil Wears Prada. I could watch that a million times. And now she is ice queening it up as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland. Girl is multidimensional, as are her hairstyles. Check out the highlights… and the lowlights.


Anne rocked both of these side-pinned looks. Which is your favorite, the long and wavy style from ’06 or short and flipped from ’09?


Whoa, Anne! Mega volume and crunchy curls in ’04 and a brushed-back bouffant ’09.


Anne looks phenomenal with an elegant updo. Which do you favor, the no part look in ’07, middle part in ’09, or the side part from this year? Read more…

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So Dreamy


I just love these photos of Guinevere van Seenus by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia March 2010. I know, another editorial from that issue? But it’s just too good not to post.



I mean, come on!

Read more…