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Natalie & Mila at SAG Awards

Did you watch the SAG Awards last night? There are so many award shows during this time of year; it’s hard to keep up! The King’s Speech won a bunch of awards, but Natalie Portman nabbed best actress award for her role in Black Swan. Natalie and Mila Kunis also presented at the SAGs.

Mila wore a soft, loose waves done by TRESemmé celebrity stylist Mara Roszak. She shares how to re-create Mila’s look in a few simple steps:

  • Apply TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse to wet hair.
  • Part the hair slightly off-center and blow dry with a medium-sized round brush.
  • Curl in sections with a 1” barrel curling iron and then break up the curls with fingertips to create stunning waves.
  • Spray all over with TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray so the style lasts throughout the night.

While I loved Mila’s hair and makeup, I wasn’t totally loving her printed red Alexander McQueen gown on her. It photographs beautifully at the top, but from the waist down, I think it’s too much material for her super petite frame. Mila’s so tiny and I don’t think flowy fabrics or pattern fabrics work as well on her. I think she needs to stick to solid colors and more tailored gowns. What do you guys think? The tight shots of her face are great though. She’s so pretty.

I loved Natalie’s white strapless Azzaro gown showing off her shoulders and of course the bump. Her minimal makeup and hair was perfect, as were the drop earrings. I’ve read that Natalie prefers simple makeup with neutral lips, so I assume she felt comfortable in this look. It’s nothing crazy fashiony, but I think Natalie looks flawless.

What did you think of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis’ SAG Award looks?

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Yay Or Nay: Emily Going Blonde

Lots of hair color changes going on! Along with Kate Beckinsale lightening her locks, Emily Blunt is also going blonde–starting off with a sort of ginger color which she debuted on the green carpet at the London premiere of Gnomeo and Juliet. People reports that Emily has been having weekly sessions with colorist Anival Morales at Essensuals London Salon in L.A. Morales is gradually lightening her hair for her upcoming role in action sci-fi film Looper.

I’m curious how blonde they will take it. I always wonder why actors don’t wear wigs for their rolls and call it a day–seems a lot easier. But then again, it’s a great excuse to change your hair color and probably helps them get into character. In this case, the character being a “tough girl, sort of Midwestern, lives on a farm. I wield an ax and shoot a gun,” Blunt told MTV News.

Looper was written and directed by filmmaker Rian Johnson who also did the movie Brick. And Loper also stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with both actors playing the same man in different time periods. I know a lot of people luuuurve JGL, but I don’t get it. Not that he’s a bad actor, but he’s still that kid from 3rd Rock for the Sun. I don’t get the hot factor, but maybe I’m just too old. Let’s add him to the Yay or Nay…

Yay or Nay: Joseph Gordon-Levitt? And Emily Blunt going blonde. Let me know in the comments!

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Kate Goes Blonde

In theory, I should hate this.

Kate Beckinsale, who was on the top of my list for Best Hollywood Hair for her gorgeous brunette locks, went bottle blonde recently, with bad roots. I can only assume this is for a movie role where Kate is playing someone “normal”. But what do you know, she’s still stunning.

What do you think of Kate Beckinsale’s new blonde hair?

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How To: Tightline Your Eyes

I’m currently obsessed with the makeup technique known as “tightlining”, which is just applying liner to the lash line of your upper lashes–right at the waterline. It’s a great way to apply eye makeup when you want to look a bit polished without wearing much makeup. All you need is a flat eyeliner brush, like Laura Mercier’s Flat Eyeliner Brush and a waterproof gel liner, like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack or Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner. (Plus, it’s a good idea to have some eye makeup remover and Q-tips on hand to fix mistakes. There’s definitely a learning curve!)

For tips on how to tightline your eyes correctly, check out this great tutorial from Raquel13 and this video from makeup artist Beau Nelson. (I also like what he has to say about applying mascara!) And then let me know in the comments what your experiences are with tightlining…

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This post is dedicated to my friend Alison who loved Making The Band 3 so much that she bought the taped seasons from some guy on eBay. She can tell you random details about the show, like exactly why they were named “Danity Kane”–the worst girl-group name in recorded history–and how the 3rd installation of Making the Band actually lasted three seasons. Or something. Diddy logic! And, of course, how she’s still pissed about Aubrey O’Day.

Remember how crazy Laurie Ann Gibson was? AWESOME. Also, Alison might have also purchased Breakin’ It Down With Laurie Ann Gibson. And if that actually happened, she would advise others against doing the same, because it sucked and has more dances from the movie Honey than Making The Band.

And remember when Diddy came out at the reunion and it was so totally awkward between him and Aubrey? Like so, so, sooooo awkward that you thought it was reality TV fake? But turns out if was all real because he totally FIRED her? Yeah, that was nuts. I kinda want to wear that shirt to the gym though…

Even beyond the plastic surgery, Aubrey did change a lot.

She was pretty great when the show started! She was way more down to earth. She was even the first member of the band to be picked! Diddy loved her! (Too much?) Something changed, but I suppose they all changed.

Le sigh fame.

Supposedly Aubrey is going to have a reality show on Oxygen… That should be awesome.

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The New Shag

The February issue of Allure says the shag is the new “it” hairstyle. You know, that choppy, layered hairstyle that was big on rock stars of the ’60s, Carol Brady in the ’70s, Joan Jett in the ’80s, and (thanks to Sally Hershberger) Meg Ryan in the ’90s. Freja Beha Erichsen made the shag relevant again in 2009 (above) by strutting down runways with a supermodely version of the messy ‘do.

And now Freja’s grown out shag is a symbol of the new, revamped shag. It’s an edgier, sexed-up version of the cut–kind of like a severely layered bob with bangs…

Complicating the issue, Carmen Kass‘ sliced up, layered cut is part of the new shag trend too. Carmen’s cut looks like a grown out pixie, but see all her layered length in the back? Shag! I think both Freja and Carmen look totally cool and very un-Florence Henderson, so I’m on board with this trend.

What do you think of the “new shag”?

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Two Things

Two things: I love that Michelle Obama wore Alexander McQueen to the state dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao this week. I know this kinda falls into the “who really cares” category, since politics should be all political and not fashionable, but growing up with a glamorized notion of JFK and Jackie, I can’t help but love the fact that we have a first lady who is so fashiony and would even wear McQueen. Even though her choice is now being debated in the press because it wasn’t a Chinese designer, etc. It must be exhausting to have your clothing choices scrutinized like that.

Second thing: People are saying that President Obama may have dyed his hair a few shades darker. I’ve been wondering if he’d do it for a while now. Since entering office, his hair has been going gray, which is no big surprise since his job is a bit stressful. I think it’d be cool if he dyed it totally dark and was like, yeah. I color my hair AND WHAT.

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Yay Or Nay: Sideshow Rihanna

Waiting in my inbox this morning, this lovely picture of Rihanna from HOTB reader & commenter Jumbly with this comment: She really does look like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons!

Couldn’t have said it better myself. But still… It looks like a fun wig to wear. Yes, it’s totally insane, but if you were a super famous pop star, wouldn’t you wear crazy wigs to nightclubs occasionally?


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How To: Reverse Ombre Hair Color

Hair On The Brain reader & commenter Brett asked for tips on how to ombre your hair, when you already have lighter colored ends and want to add dark color on the top part of your hair instead. Check out this video for advice on doing at-home, reverse ombre application. However, I recommend not using box dye like they do in this video. Go to your local beauty supply, like Sally Beauty, and purchase color & developer, like Ion Demi-Permanent Hair Color.

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The Ombre Experiment

I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing my own ombre hair for a while–actually, ever since I did that post on How To: DIY Ombre Hair! I talked myself into it by writing that post. And then I couldn’t get these images of Lily Aldridge’s amazing hair out of my head. I watched Missgemma910‘s video on her at-home ombre, and she kept saying that it was no big thing…

And I just happened to have a box of L’Oreal Excellence Cremelights Highlighting Kit. The next thing I knew, I was mixing and painting on highlights.

Just last week I re-dyed my hair a shade darker using Ion Demi-Permanent hair color. I use a mix of: One tube #7W Medium Warm Blonde and 1/2 tube each #7WR Medium Warm Red Blonde and #6N Dark Natural Blonde. (I do a different combination each time, trying to find the perfect color.) This one came out a little too dark and not totally right. I wanted to mix it with the Ion Clear Gloss, but Sally Beauty was out. I liked the color but it was a little too ‘one note’, so I wanted to break it up a bit. So, ombre! Plus, a  a few extra highlights using a balayage technique–otherwise known as just painting it on using a highlighting brush and highlighting wand from Sally Beauty.

I applied most of the color to the ends, but I was scared to leave it on too long. I thought my hair was going to lift really quickly, but it didn’t. After I rinsed it and dried it, my hair was lighter, but not by a lot. After I dried my hair, I colored it again, but this time I just applied color to the ends, leaving it on for 10 minutes. It lifted a bit more, but still not a ton.

I’m going to keep it like this for a while to see how I like it and to give my hair a break from all the coloring. But I might buy another box of L’Oreal Cremelights and do the ends again so they’re even lighter. As is, the effect is very subtle and natural looking. It definitely makes my overall color look way better since I think the ends were actually too dark to begin with.

This process was really easy to do and not as scary as I thought to do at home because the lifting is pretty slow. Major thumbs up for L’Oreal Excellence Cremelights because my hair looks healthy and without damage after using it. I also deep conditioned the hell out of the ends after I colored using Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, which I left on for 20+ minutes. I also mix in a couple drops of Josie Maran Argan Oil whenever I color for extra shine.

If you’re considering ombre at home–make sure you have a few pairs of latex gloves, a plastic mixing bowl for your color, wands for spot applying color, and a brush for larger application. I recommend wearing old clothes and covering yourself with a garbage bag so you don’t get bleach on your clothes and skin. Use a deep conditioner after coloring. And always (always) read the directions that come with your color.

Also, I’m using the term “color” but a highlighting kit is really “bleach”, which is what you need to get the lifting action for highlights/ombre. Don’t use blonde hair color; it won’t work.

When applying the color, consider your application before you begin. I always section my hair (in 5 sections) when I’m doing all-over color, but for my first round of ombre color, I just kind of started randomly applying tiny swipes of color with the wand and then focused on applying the rest to the ends. The second time I did it, I sectioned my hair into two low ponytails on each shoulder, tied at chin level because I knew I did not want any more color above my chin. When I applied the color, I just focused on my hair from chin-length down, applying the most color to the very ends.

I will update you later, if I decide go lighter! In the meantime, have you ever done at-home ombre or highlights? And was it a success?