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Demi Bob New Beauty Phenom?

Vogue declares the demi bob not just a hair trend, but a Beauty Phenomenon. The bob length is described as hitting “anywhere between mid-neck and shoulder-dusting”.

Examples of this phenom? Alexa Chung

Natalia Vodianova and Brooklyn Decker.

And according to Vogue, the original inspiration was model Arizona Muse. (Appropriately named!)

One could argue that hair length hitting between mid-neck and shoulders is really just a bob but whatever. Vogue has been in business since 1892! Each month they have to come up with some new/old trend, right?

So what do you think of this beauty phenomenon? Will you be chopping your locks this summer?


GNC $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month?

Well, it is. And a great way to combat stress is to become more healthy and fit. Super Foods and Greens, which include everything from blueberries to garlic to resveratrol can be powerful enough to help you lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and even put you in a better mood, according to WebMD.

It can be difficult to get your daily requirements of these foods, so a great way to increase your intake of “Super Foods”, is through the huge assortment of products at GNC.

Now is a great time to try these products–or any of the vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition or myriad of other products GNC carries–because Hair On The Brain is giving away a $100 GNC gift card to one lucky reader!

How To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment telling me why you want to win.
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This giveaway is now closed! Congrats to Jumbly!! 🙂

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Spring Has Sprung

1. FLUO Leather Colors from Comme Des Garcons

2. Wood Wood Adelaide Dress

3. Costalots 83′s in Rose

4. Serge Gainsbourg Aux Armes Et Caetera

Get the full story on Take Sunset!

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Hair Inspiration: Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry in 1976. Photo by Bob Gruen.

Her hair is amazing.

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Bb.Texture In Action

Back in February I wrote about the soon-to-be debuted Bumble and bumble product Bb.Texture hair (un)dressing creme… And now over on Into The Gloss, they are further dishing on Bb.Texture and how it gives you that perfectly-imperfect je ne sais quoi hair that French girls have mastered.

Into The Gloss was commissioned by Bumble to shoot Bb.Texture in action on 26-year old fashion stylist, Molly Kennedy. Via Gloss: “In Lanvin shades and an H&M–dare I say it–textured coat, looked like the Left Bank version of Penny Lane in Almost Famous. She’s a devotee of the Grooming Creme, Surf Spray, and now, Texture. “It’s really good because it gives you that second day, kind of bed-head look. And it’s matte, which is really nice…it kind of gives hair a hold that doesn’t look like a hold. It’s weird to use a product that mattifies–it totally goes against what you think hair should look like–but it’s really cool!” Her routine? Wash at night, work any combination of those three products into damp hair, and sleep on it. VoilĂ .

Into The Gloss also photographed Bb.Texture at work backstage at Yigal AzrouĂ«l while Laurent Philippon fixed black feather headbands into the models’ thick, matte, mussed up buns. “Texture’s an incredible product, Philippon said. “It gives a lot of grip to the hair, for updos or tying it up.” To use, he worked in a quarter-sized amount into damp hair, and blow-dried. “It brings just the right amount of texture–sexy but not dirty.”

You can now purchase Bb.Texture online at Bumble.

Have any of you tried Bb.texture yet? Very curious…

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Revlon CustomEyes Shadow Giveaway


There seems to be a glut of loose eye shadows on the market right now. While mineral shadows do create fantastic, highly-pigmented colors, they are kind of a pain to work with. They are messy, hard to travel with, and they get in your eyes if you’re not careful. So I was happy to test out the new Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner–an old school cake shadow, just being all chill & stationary! Plus, Revlon is probably my favorite drugstore makeup brand–they offer pretty consistently high-quality products. (What is your favorite?)

The Basics: With this kit, you get four shadows and one liner. There are easy to follow instructions on how to create and customize different eye looks depending on which shadow you buy. It also comes with a dual ended applicator for shading and lining. The applicator is not terrible for smudging, but as with all drugstore applicators, you’d be better served using your own brush. I tried a few of the colors, but my favorite by far was Naturally Glamorous. All the shadows are very pigmented but also blendable. The darker shades work nicely as powder liners, wet or dry.

The lucky winner is #48! Congrats Liza!!

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Bobby, Blow Dryers, Brooklyn & Bangs

First of all, I’m sorry I’ve been absent lately! I’ve been working hard over on Take Sunset, but I’ve missed you guys. You can always follow my me over there, if you want. And I am on tumblr too, so you can follow me there. See? Plenty of ways to be totally sick of me! But of course I can never abandon this place because, well, I have a permanent case of hair on the brain.


Blow Dryers I work from home so most of the time if I want to have wavy, crazy lady hair–just like Bobby says–it’s my prerogative. But there are some instances where I actually need to look presentable, and since I have certifiably long hair now, and it needs to be blow dried into submission. And, um, the travel hair dryer that I use isn’t really cutting it. But if I were to invest in a real blow dryer, which one should I get? There are sooo many to choose from…

Brooklyn Decker Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson cut ten inches off of Brooklyn Decker’s hair, and she’s now sporting a new fresh + clean new chin-length bob. I think it makes her seem more interesting… Or maybe just more like January Jones? I do like the brighter blonde color, which was done by Jason Backe. He says, “I incorporated two trends: gold tones–super hot for spring and summer! –and bold, contrasting ribbons of blonde.” He explains, “(We’re) stepping away from the monochromatic or subtle tone-on-tone looks from the last few seasons.”

Bangs Speaking of celebrity hair switcheroos, Hilary Duff got bangs (again). Hilary changes her hair from time to time, so this isn’t super shocking, but it’s cute, no? And speaking of bangs, I got a trim from Rebecca at Argyle Salon and kind of of got bang-bangs again myself. They are always such a good idea in theory, but they are such a pain in the ass to style. Rebecca even said I have “challenging bangs“. (Why doesn’t that surprise me?) I’m still trying to figure out the best way to cope with my challenge. So far it involves an elaborate system of alligator clips, round brushes, combs, my minuscule hair dryer … tears… starting over… 

Well, I do love a challenge.

I have questions for you! What’s your favorite hair dryer? Do you like Brooklyn Decker’s haircut? How do you style your bangs? Kisses.

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Abbey Gets A Bowl Cut

Atelier Versace’s lookbook for spring 2011 showed Abbey Lee Kershaw with a blunt blonde bowl cut…

Forget the blonde pixie–the bowl cut is actually the major hairstyle for the season! So ring your stylist now, if you want to be ahead of the curve.

Ok, seriously. Abbey looks fantastic and these dresses are insane. Abbey posed for thirty-two images of beautiful Versace gowns in silk, crystal and a range of colors. So glamorous. And her bowl cut/wig works here, but not so much in everyday life…


(Image Source)

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Gee, Your Hair Smells Like Coconuts!


I don’t really use a hairbrush, aside from blow drying my bangs, but I find these Denman Tutti Frutti Scented Hairbrushes oddly appealing. I like the old school vibe–they’re basically a classic Denman styling brush, but with a brightly colored pad and fruit design that corresponds to each brush’s fruit fragrance. They come in lemon, strawberry, grape, and coconut. I don’t have much experience using a Denman brush to blow dry or style, but some people swear by them. I just really want to smell these… Denman Tutti Frutti Scented Brushes are available at Urban Outfitters for $12.00 each.

Do you use a Denmans? And would you like to use a scented brush?

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Liv + Cassie

Liv Tyler wore this cool side braid hairstyle to the GO International Designer Collective launch. Liv has always had such great hair.

Remember when everyone was shaving one side of their hair? Kind of glad that trend is over. It’s been long enough that this side braid looks fresh-ish again.

Cassie, one of the original head-shavers, still has her shaved look, per the new Wiz Khalifa video, Roll Up. She looks totally amazing… And according to Blaq Vixen Beauty, Cassie’s lipstick is CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Delish. Just in case you want to copy her hot pink lips.

What do you think of Liv and Cassie’s looks?