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Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t been updating the last few days, but I’m in Maui! It’s hard to sit in front of the computer and blog when you can swim in the ocean or lay out by the pool instead… But I did want to check in and say hi, er, aloha. And fill you in on what’s going on with my hair, of course.


I made a strategic packing decision and only brought ONE hair styling product with me (can you believe it?) Plus a hair dryer and shampoo & conditioner, of course. So, Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream made the cut and it is the perfect hair product for Maui.  I’ve been wearing it beachy wavy–why fight the salt water, wind, and humidity? But this stuff keeps it looking hydrated, shiny and healthy. It is awesome stuff and it smells heavenly. I am in true l-o-v-e.

By the way, I know this post is totally missing a cool beach pic. We’re such bad vacationers and never take our camera anywhere! I promise it is to come.  😉

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Anna-Lee Braids

Hey guys, check out this quick & easy video on how to do the Alexander Wang side braid from our friend Anna-Lee from Chaz Dean Studio!

I love this look, but you really need long/thick hair to properly pull it off. Maybe it would work with clip-in extensions? Hmm… Anyway, if I had Anna-Lee-ish hair, I would wear this look constantly! Very cute.

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How To: Cat Eyes & Pony Twist

I felt full-body buzz inspiration over the retro-inspired hair & makeup from the Chris Benz Spring 2011 show. Er, maybe it had something to do with that third cup of coffee? No matter! These hair and makeup looks are exactly how I envision myself for fall. The designer’s inspiration was 1960’s Parisian pop singer France Gall. (I have a picture of her up here on HOTB somewhere but it’s not properly tagged, dang it!) Anyway, the lovelies at StyleCaster got backstage tips on how to recreate the 60’s-inspired looks from two members of the Chris Benz’s team: makeup artist Daniel Martin and hairstylist John Ruidant.

“Being that Chris’ inspiration [for this season] was 1960’s pop singer France Gall, and [that] the “Twiggy” eye was so iconic of that time, I wanted to modify it and make it relevant by adding a bit of quirkiness,” Martin said. “This year, the eyes are the main focus for sure–tons of mascara, pale shadows, and strong lines!” Here is how to get the look.


Step 1: Use a pale lilac, pink, or white shadow over the entire lid up to the brow. Martin used a pale pink shade by Lancôme.


Step 2: Engulf the eye with liner. Use a black liquid liner to line the top lid. (By the way, anyone have a recommendation for a good liquid liner? I am on the hunt…)


Step 3: Using the same liquid liner, dot underneath the bottom eye line.


Step 4: Use a black pencil liner to line the inner bottom eyelid.


Step 5: Finish with two or three coats of mascara.


Voila! Perfect 60’s inspired eye makeup. I love it.

After the break John Ruidant’s tips for recreating the “Pony Twist” at Chris Benz and a word on the lavender nail polish… Read more…

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Megan Fox's 'Passion' Hair


I am on the fence about Megan Fox. She’s beautiful, but I don’t like her predictable and kinda trashy style. That said, she’s yet to go off the rails ala Lindsay Lohan, so she gets points for that. I guess?


Anyway. Megan arrived to the premiere of her new movie Passion Play at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival wearing an elegant white Armani Privé dress, (I would have lost the red lip) and wavy style created by celeb stylist Creighton Bowman. “We decided a soft, and effortlessly natural look was the way to go with her dress which was sexy and short,” Creighton said. “I wanted to play up the beauty of her long, luxurious hair. The styling became all about products that would keep the hair looking fresh all evening long.”

How To Get Megan’s Long, Wavy Look:

  • Creighton started by applying Lisa Chiccine Thickening Volume Foam and then towel-dried Megan’s hair from root to ends. “I used it for this look because it’s really lightweight and gives a nice boost of natural-looking lift and volume,” he said.
  • Next, Creighton did a loose, natural-looking blow dry and sprayed a light mist of Lisa Chiccine Hold Weightless Satin Hairspray all over her hair.
  • Finally, he sectioned Megan’s hair and made random waves with a medium curling iron.
  • To finish, Creighton used a drop of Lisa Chiccine Shine, a great anti-frizz serum that doesn’t weight hair down.

For more information or to purchase Lisa Chiccine products go to

And most importantly, I am curious what you guys think of Megan Fox and her look? Do tell!

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How To: Orlando Pita's Graphic Updos


For the Carolina Herrera Spring 2011 Collection, colors, prints, and floral appliqués were taken from botanical plates collected in the 18th Century, and the cut and details of the collection were inspired by traditional clothes from Korea. The result was fancy and beautiful, but of course as much as I love fashion, I was thinking about the haaaiiir. In part, because it was done by my all-time favorite celeb stylist Orlando Pita!


Orlando created the unique hairstyles to reflect Carolina Herrera’s Korean-inspired design. “I love this hairstyle,” said Orlando. “When Korean women dress, nothing is out of place and everything is beautifully thought out. My hairstyle is precise and graphic, with no loose or separate pieces. Moroccanoil products give hair hold, smoothness and shine and everything is attached and held together only by custom-made Hair Barrettes that match the exact color of the model’s hair. They’re strategically placed to make sure they completely hold every part of the look in place.”


How To Create the Look:

  • Orlando first applied argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Light throughout dry hair to create a healthy looking frizz-free shine, and smooth, healthy-look ends.
  • Next, he applied Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream mid way from the back of hair to the ends, then blow dried the hair smooth and straight with a round brush.
  • Once finished, Orlando created a deep side part, pulled hair back, and sprayed it with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.
  • He then combed the hair again with a wide tooth comb, sprayed with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and pulled right side of hair diagonally over left, and pinned the hair above the nape of the neck with a creative cluster of custom made “Hair Barrettes” that matched the color of model’s hair. These were pinned either horizontally or vertically to create dramatic graphic patterns.
  • The finished looks were sprayed once again with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for added hold, and finished with a misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray.


Orlando created two variations of the style, an updo as well as a longer pony-tailed look. For the longer look, Orlando combed the hair into a ponytail, sprayed once again with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray, and added additional horizontal hair-clips to accent the graphic effect. To create the dramatic chignon, Orlando took finished ponytails, looped them around, and pinned with diagonal, horizontal, and vertical hair-clips. He finished with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray.


Moroccanoil is sold exclusively in salons and spas. Go to for more information. And keep your eyes peeled for a major Moroccanoil review coming up because I’ve been testing Moroccanoil Light, Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, and Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask and will be posting my review shortly!

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How To: Luca Luca “Yacht Knot”


At the Luca Luca S/S 2011 show during Fashion Week, celebrity stylist Teddy Charles used the new Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic styling line to create the nautical-inspired “Yacht Knot” hair that accompanied Luca Luca’s breezy, ethereal runway collection.


Backstage Charles gave the step-by-step tips on how to get this fresh style at home.


How To: Luca Luca “Yacht Knot”:

  • Part your hair down the middle.
  • Lightly crimp the roots and add curls throughout with the new Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand.
  • Brush out the curls to create a wavy texture.
  • Section off the top and bottom and twist both top sections back into a knotted bun.
  • Wrap the remaining bottom section around the bun.
  • Pull out a few wispy pieces at the hairline for a touch of romance, spray with a little hairspray.

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand is available at Ulta for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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Heat Up Your Fall Curls


Remember how I was recently discussing the insanely gorgeous, full and volume-y hair at the Ports 1961 show during Fashion Week? I think the amped up volume and messy waves we saw on the Spring 2011 runway is going to spill over into everyday life this fall, so what better time to scoop up a top-notch set of hot rollers to achieve the look? Lock & Mane is currently running a special on Hot Tools Mixed Roller Set, which is voted the #1 Hair Setter by the all-knowing Allure Magazine. It’s only $38.50, which is 30% off and you even get fast & free shipping!


This bestselling 20 Roller Mixed Set features ionic generator technology, which produces negative ions to help add shine and reduce frizz, and wax-cheating technology, which releases heat slowly and evenly (i.e., no damaged hair).

This offer is exclusively for L&M subscribers and will last for only 3 days, so you have to make the purchase by 11:59 pm EST this Sunday night (September 19, 2010). Entering the code ROLL at checkout.

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Fall Dress Shopping Spree With $100 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway!


Ok, so like the rest of you, I am totally obsessed with I browse through there practically daily looking at all the gorgeous new fall stuff, that I totally need like a new print dress


This Chantilly Batik print dress by Tibi is pretty cool, right? Throw on a little blazer, boots, and some tights to fall this up baby up and you would be good to go for cooler days.


Or maybe I need a new mini dress. I mean, it is LA after all, and it isn’t exactly going to get cold-cold anytime soon. I love this JNBY Future Sleeveless Dress. It has pockets and a hood! I picture my past-tense Chicago self running around in this sucker with knee-high boots and a short puffer jacket. Getting into trouble, of course.


Or maybe I need a floaty pretty one shoulder dress, like this Camilla and Marc Pandora Dress because I am such a lady now. (hee.) Ugh. I want everything!

Ok, so the giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner is #65, Kim D!

Picture 2

Congrats, Kim!! Everyone else, thank you SO MUCH for entering my biggest giveaway yet! I hope we get to do another giveaway because this was awesome. And make sure you are following Shopbop on twitter, too!  🙂

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Cassie Changes It Up


Cassie attended the Nicole Miller Spring 2011 fashion show during Fashion Week and debuted a whole new hair color and style from celebrity hairstylist Angela Stone. And HOTB got the exclusive dish behind the transformation and even a how to on Cassie’s hairstyle! “I’ve always loved to try different looks with my hair,” says Cassie, “I guess that comes with being a model/artist. I’m true to my long tresses, but sometimes I want to change things up a bit!”


Cassie’s stylist Angela Stone explains, “Over the course of her career, Cassie has changed her color several times. Her trying something new on her edgy cut was inevitable. Hair is a wonderful woman’s accessory and I think as long as the hair is healthy, we should all empower ourselves to play. The goal was choosing color and highlights that complemented Cassie’s skin tone while imparting a clean finished look that was perfect for a fashion week debut.” To get Cassie’s color, Angela used Affinage Infiniti Permanent Haircolor Crème. She mixed equal parts Café Latte (9.035) and Very Light Intensive Golden Brown (9.33) and applied the combination to pre-lightened hair.

How To Get Cassie’s Look:

  • Shampoo and condition with Ojon Shine & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Apply a light mist of Bumble and bumble Prep, a leave-in conditioner that works to moisturize the hair.
  • Follow up with Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray to give nice volume and a soft hold. “It also helps set the curl as you blow dry using the round brush technique,” Angela explains.
  • Use the Brazilian Heat Ionic Dryer with the Brazilian Heat 43 mm Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Brush for faster styling.
  • Finish off with Paul Mitchell Super Clean Spray for a flexible hold.

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Yay Or Nay: Malin's Loose Bun


I am really digging the loose bun Malin Akerman wore at the InStyle party at the Toronto Film Festival. She’s been wearing her hair pulled back a lot lately, but I prefer her with a little bit left loose around her face. (Sidenote: I wonder if she regrets that tattoo?)


Anyway. I think this hairstyle looks totally gorgeous with Malin’s drapey, open back dress. I love it. But…

What do you think of Malin’s messy updo?