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How to Not Spend $150 on Kérastase

The last few times I got my haircut, the stylist used Kérastase products and I walked out with awesomely soft, shiny, swingy “like I just stepped out of a salon!” Salon Selectives circa 1990s hair (but like mentally). I’m sure that has a lot to do with the expert blowout, but maybe it was partly to do with the Kérastase? To believe that is to be a beauty addict, right? To believe in the power of beauty products. Also, I’ve read a bunch of rave reviews on MakeupAlley about various Kérastase products, like Chronologiste Essential Restorative Concentrate, which by the way is $145 (!!) for only 10 applications per box. After reading a particularly gushing review that slightly made me wonder if she wasn’t a plant from the PR company, I thought I need this miracle restorative complex whatever cure! But um, I probably do not need it. Right? Right. Let’s all focus on a negative I read about the product. Someone called it a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. If you feel the urge to drop $150 on this, just repeat after me: TOTAL. DISAPPOINTMENT.

According to the site, Chronologiste Essential Restorative Concentrate is: Complete rejuvenating cure for hair and scalp. Hair is left incredibly soft, supple and shiny. Hair fiber is renewed, deeply nourished and strengthened. Hair integrity is preserved. Scalp is regenerated, soothed and hydrated. Approximately 10 applications per box. Is made from 100% unicorn tears. There may be one small aspect of the above PR statement that is slightly fabricated. Free HOTB swag to whoever guesses! And by free swag, I mean I won’t approve your comment for 3 months!

The only Kérastase product I’ve used regularly is Nutritive Nectar Thermique. I use it on my damp hair before I blow dry and straighten my wavy hair. It’s suppose to be a moisturizing heat protectant that adds shine and smoothness. For me, though, it doesn’t give much shine or smoothness and maybe even dries it out a bit. For $39, it should do better. I stuck with it for a while because I had that memory of my super smooth hair post-salon visit. Seriously what is the deal with post haircut hair. Do they have different water? So yeah, I’m on the search for a better leave-in/heat protector/straightener for blow drying.

Yesterday I tried Redken Real Control Crema Care with pretty great results. I’m still in the trial period, though, since good results on the first blowout is just the product trying to win me over. The real test is how it behaves down the line.

I’m open to other suggestions, even Kérastase products since I’m still weirdly fascinated by this line. Any recommendations? What do you use as your heat protector and for blow drying?