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How To: Organic Waves

When we were in Maui last month, I was reading an old Lucky magazine and came across an interview with hairstylist and makeup artist Sunnie Brook. In the article they mentioned her blog, so of course I had to check it out! And now I’m obsessed. Sunnie has lots of great hair and makeup advice and amazing tutorials. (Seriously, I’ve watched everything.)

I love this one on how to create organic waves with a clipless curling iron. I don’t have the patients to put this much effort into my hair on the regular. And, yes, this is what I consider a lot of work. But it really does look great. However, I feel like it might work better if I had an iron that tappers narrower at the base instead of wider, like the Paul Mitchell Clipless Curling Wand? Does that matter? Probably not. Sunnie’s hair looks awesome because she has really gorgeous hair. Anyway. Major blog crush.