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Jennifer Makes A Change

Jennifer Aniston, who is known never doing anything new with her hair, makeup, or clothes, actually cut her hair!

She showed up to a photocall for her new movie Just Go With It sporting this fresh shoulder-length bob. I think it’s cute but kind of plain. I prefer Jennifer with longer hair simply because the girl has  fabulous hair.

See? I mean, boring and predictable with the highlights, beach waves, tan skin, black dress… But Jennifer does look fabulous in this style.

Actually, maybe it’s a little extionsiony there. I love Jennifer’s more natural looking hair and hair color here in 2008.

And I just remember that Jen had a similar cut to her new bob during the Friends era–around 2000-2001, but she grew it out quickly. I think I remember her talking about how much she disliked it at the time, but maybe I’m confusing that part with Sarah Jessica Parker talking about her brief bob?

It seems like Jennifer is in the mood for a lot of big life changes. Over on Take Sunset, I wrote about how Jennifer listed her Beverly Hills mansion–for $42 million!

What do you think is up with all of Jennifer’s big changes? And what do you think of her new bob?