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Beer Vs Wang

Last night the unthinkable happened. Beer spilled all over my Alexander Wang Diego!

And on my lace-up wedge Madewell boots.
And on my jeans, my t-shirt, coat, scarf… Um, yeah. It was basically a beertastrophe.

When I came home, damp with beer and regret, I was sort of freaking  about having a permanent beer stain on my handbag. (Also worried about the boots, but seriously. WANG.) I forced myself to let both pieces dry over night to see the level of damage, and this morning I cleaned them with Apple Brand Leather Cleaner. They immediately looked like new! The beer stain is totally gone from both. I swear, Apple Leather Cleaner is magic!

I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I pre-treated both the handbag and the boots with Garde Rain Stain Repellent, though. I think it’s a two-step magic trick. But whatever the case, the beer stains are GONE. After the Apple Leather Cleaner dried, I sprayed them again with the Garde Stain Repellent. And made my husband promise to stop dumping beer on me.  😉

You can find more information on both products from Apple Polishes’ website, including where to buy, but I got mine from