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Yay or Nay: Rachel’s Electric Look

Rachel McAdams is a gorgeous girl, but I’m not feeling this look–a Snooki poof and bright yellow eyeliner is not flattering on anyone.

This seems like something you’d mess around with at home, realize you look craaazy, laugh at yourself, and wash off. Instead, Rachel’s stylist told her she looked AMAZING and sent her to the UK premiere of Morning Glory.

OK, a washed out picture from a distance looks better! Rachel’s print dress with plunging neckline is by Suno. It’s not terrible… Actually, the fit up top is pretty awful.

Also, these purple satin Charlotte Olympia shoes would not ever be my choice. I am over the crazy platform thing. I always see twisted ankle. This whole look is a major shame because Rachel can look like this:

What do you think of Rachel’s Snooki poof and yellow eyeliner at the UK premiere of Morning Glory?