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Yay Or Nay: Emily Going Blonde

Lots of hair color changes going on! Along with Kate Beckinsale lightening her locks, Emily Blunt is also going blonde–starting off with a sort of ginger color which she debuted on the green carpet at the London premiere of Gnomeo and Juliet. People reports that Emily has been having weekly sessions with colorist Anival Morales at Essensuals London Salon in L.A. Morales is gradually lightening her hair for her upcoming role in action sci-fi film Looper.

I’m curious how blonde they will take it. I always wonder why actors don’t wear wigs for their rolls and call it a day–seems a lot easier. But then again, it’s a great excuse to change your hair color and probably helps them get into character. In this case, the character being a “tough girl, sort of Midwestern, lives on a farm. I wield an ax and shoot a gun,” Blunt told MTV News.

Looper was written and directed by filmmaker Rian Johnson who also did the movie Brick. And Loper also stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with both actors playing the same man in different time periods. I know a lot of people luuuurve JGL, but I don’t get it. Not that he’s a bad actor, but he’s still that kid from 3rd Rock for the Sun. I don’t get the hot factor, but maybe I’m just too old. Let’s add him to the Yay or Nay…

Yay or Nay: Joseph Gordon-Levitt? And Emily Blunt going blonde. Let me know in the comments!