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Two Things

Two things: I love that Michelle Obama wore Alexander McQueen to the state dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao this week. I know this kinda falls into the “who really cares” category, since politics should be all political and not fashionable, but growing up with a glamorized notion of JFK and Jackie, I can’t help but love the fact that we have a first lady who is so fashiony and would even wear McQueen. Even though her choice is now being debated in the press because it wasn’t a Chinese designer, etc. It must be exhausting to have your clothing choices scrutinized like that.

Second thing: People are saying that President Obama may have dyed his hair a few shades darker. I’ve been wondering if he’d do it for a while now. Since entering office, his hair has been going gray, which is no big surprise since his job is a bit stressful. I think it’d be cool if he dyed it totally dark and was like, yeah. I color my hair AND WHAT.