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Paula’s Choice RESIST Moisturizer & Serum

I’ve read a bunch of reviews of Paula’s Choice products, and I know Paula Begoun has a cult-like following of people who are obsessed and literally Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Her. (Full disclosure, I haven’t read her books, but I have read a lot of what she says on her site!) As with any decent product line, it’s going to work well for some and bomb for others because everyone’s skin is different. From what I’ve read, though, a lot of Paula’s Choice products get major raves. And truly my skin has loved everything I’ve tried from the line. First it was Paula’s Choice Foundations. I’m still using Best Face Forward Foundation. And then my holy grail Rosacea treatment, Paula’s Choice 1% BHA Lotion. And now Paula’s Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer and Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum.

Thanks to the rosacea issues, I’m super careful about anything new I put on my skin. I’ve basically stuck to the same skincare regime I wrote about in my last Rosacea post. My skin was looking better overall with just minor flare-ups, but I was still dealing with patches of dryness and was concerned about upping the anti-aging components, because really… Who among us is getting younger? ūüėČ

Paula’s Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer is a really unique because of its texture. It’s almost so sheer and lightweight that it’s flat. It’s absorbs immediately, which takes a little getting use to–you have to quickly apply it super quickly to your skin, but if you’re looking for something that feels ultra light, you will love this. It has a hygienic pump applicator, which I love, and it’s chock-full of anti-aging ingredients, and it’s fragrance-free. You can even use it for your eye area. I love that Paula Begoun says you don’t need an extra product for your eyes, because you totally don’t! The 1.7 oz last forever and it’s only $22.95, which is a great price for the quality.

RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum tackles a number of issues that can cause skin aging. It also reduces inflammation, visible effects of sun damage, and helps skin repair itself while promoting healthy collagen production. It contains many fantastic ingredients–hyaluronic acid, Q10, vitamin B3, peptides, and vitamin c. It works to increase firmness, even your skin tone, and enhance radiance. It’s also fragrance and colorant-free. Wow, right?

Because of my sensitive skin, I’m really minimal about how I use this stuff. I apply a small amount every other night or so–a little goes a long way. I apply at night after I cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I finish up my routine with this serum, using just a couple drops. It feels a bit greasy when first applied, but then absorbs into nothing. The price is $18.71. If you want to try any of these Paula‚Äôs Choice products without committing to full-size bottles, you can purchase super-cheap samples and test them out.

Have you guys tried any Paula’s Choice products? And if so, which ones and did you like them??

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