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Kim K Goes Glam

In Glamour‘s new “Guy Issue” Kim Kardashian dishes to Katie Couric on everything from her career and dating life to her famous sex symbol status. Photographed on her thirtieth birthday in NYC by Terry Tsiolis, Kim graces the cover in Tom Ford pajamas, a La Perla bra, and a Sarah Chloe ring. In the opening spread, she’s seen in a Dolce & Gabbana bustier with matching skirt and Glamour’s own horseshoe charm necklace. In the pages that follow, she dons a Marc Jacobs dress (so pretty!). I like that Kim’s hair is super dark without any highlights or anything. I like her hair best that way. Check out some of Kim’s quotes and pictures, and then let me know what you think in the comments!

On her success: “I’d be foolish not to take some of these opportunities that are coming my way. We all know this can go away at any moment.”

On dating: “It’s easier to just be single and not have a relationship. How do you get to know someone on a reality show? Some people think that they can handle it, and then they really can’t.”

On being a sex symbol: “It’s definitely powerful. I don’t find myself as sexy as everyone thinks. I’m a lot more insecure than people would assume, but with little stupid things. When I get dressed, I’m always so indecisive.”

On being in Playboy: “It was an independence thing for me. I was always by the book, such the straight arrow when it came to pleasing my parents and being a good daughter. I felt like this was one decision that only I could make. And I think it looks great. I’ll have those pictures forever.”

On having every aspect of her family’s life recorded: “If there’s something that we’re going through, it’s going to get out anyway. It’ll be on the cover of a tabloid, and it’ll be twisted the completely wrong way. So why not tell our story?”

On women being comfortable with their body: “It’s a process. You have to learn to accept it. You have to learn to like what you see in the mirror. There are definitely times when I don’t feel like myself, but you have to fake it until you make it.”

On what she thought she’d be doing at 30: “If you had asked me five years ago what I would be doing at 30, I would have said, ‘Married with a kid or two.’ Not in a million years did I dream that I would be doing all the things that I’m doing.”

Check out the full photo spread here. The issue is available on the Glamour app (iPhone, iPad and iTouch), the new B&N Nook Color, and newsstands nationwide on January 11. And if you want to win Glamour’s own horseshoe necklace, as seen on Kim inside the issue, go to glamour.com/contest for info!

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