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How To: DIY Ombre Hair

I’ve been reading about Alex’s at-home ombre hair adventure over at her amazing site, Ego-Friendly, and I so understand the feeling of impulsive hair changes, whether it’s dashing out to Sally Beauty for a bottle of dye because suddenly you MUST change your color, chopping your own bangs on a whim because they’re driving you nuts, or walking into the nearest salon for a haircut you saw on the cover of a magazine (Julia Stiles on the cover of Elle circa 2002.) I’ve done it all.

However, I’m super impressed with people who lighten their hair at home; that’s one thing I haven’t done yet! At home ombre hair  would be a good first step, since you’re just lightening the ends–and I guess if you really messed up, you could just dye over it. As you guys know, ombre hair is graduated color from dark to light, which sorta looks like you have really bad roots, but when done right it can look totally cool and modern.

In Alex’s ombre post, she references llymlrs‘ tutorial–well, semi-tutorial! llymlrs actually says it’s not a tutorial and just what works for her. All she does to get her ombre hair is apply highlighting dye to the ends–that’s pretty much it! She uses L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Creme Highlighting Kit, but in the U.S. you can use L’Oreal Excellence Cremelights Highlighting Kit.

DIY Ombre Hair:

  • Don’t use blonde hair dye for this process because you need major lift (i.e., bleach). Get a highlighting kit instead.
  • To get the ombre affect, you can apply the solution to the ends of you hair, let it process, wash it off, and then apply the solution again–this time focusing on the ends only. This will help you get lighter ends, hence ombre. Keep in mind that you can go as light as you want on the end because this is where you want your hair the blondest.
  • Another way to achieve this is to apply the color all at once, but apply the solution on the tips first, applying more solution here. Let it process and then move up toward your chin, applying more solution, but never going above chin level.
  • Toward the end of the lightening process, you can also pop in just a few highlights around your face, if you want to break up the color.
  • Always note your processing time. The longer the solution is on your hair, the more the color will lift. Begin coloring with a plan in mind.
  • If you’re more experienced, you can also use a hair color brush to paint on the solution. Focus on the bottom of your hair using the balayage technique that stylists use to create ombre hair.
  • As with any at-home hair color, always read the directions that come with the color!

Check out llymlrs’ video for her ombre hair:


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