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This post is dedicated to my friend Alison who loved Making The Band 3 so much that she bought the taped seasons from some guy on eBay. She can tell you random details about the show, like exactly why they were named “Danity Kane”–the worst girl-group name in recorded history–and how the 3rd installation of Making the Band actually lasted three seasons. Or something. Diddy logic! And, of course, how she’s still pissed about Aubrey O’Day.

Remember how crazy Laurie Ann Gibson was? AWESOME. Also, Alison might have also purchased Breakin’ It Down With Laurie Ann Gibson. And if that actually happened, she would advise others against doing the same, because it sucked and has more dances from the movie Honey than Making The Band.

And remember when Diddy came out at the reunion and it was so totally awkward between him and Aubrey? Like so, so, sooooo awkward that you thought it was reality TV fake? But turns out if was all real because he totally FIRED her? Yeah, that was nuts. I kinda want to wear that shirt to the gym though…

Even beyond the plastic surgery, Aubrey did change a lot.

She was pretty great when the show started! She was way more down to earth. She was even the first member of the band to be picked! Diddy loved her! (Too much?) Something changed, but I suppose they all changed.

Le sigh fame.

Supposedly Aubrey is going to have a reality show on Oxygen… That should be awesome.