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2010 Best-Selling Cover Girls

You might be surprised to learn who the top-selling cover girls were in 2010 and who were on the bottom. Lady Gaga basically kicked Taylor Swift‘s curly blonde butt. This comes straight from the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ numbers summing up who sold and who didn’t in 2010 (via The Cut).

Gaga’s Rolling Stone cover sold three times as well as the average copy of the magazine in 2010, and her Vanity Fair cover was the magazine’s second-best seller, behind Angelina Jolie‘s. Her Elle cover was the magazine’s third-best seller, while her Cosmopolitan cover was the magazine’s number-one-selling issue.

Apparently, magazine buyers would rather read about more controversial stars like Jolie and Gaga than stars who keep their image clean, like Taylor Swift. Taylor’s April Elle cover was the magazine’s worst seller of 2010, her November Glamour cover was that title’s second-worst-selling. and her Marie Claire cover was that magazine’s third-worst-selling issue.

And even if she’s posing like a bad ass, Blake Lively‘s Esquire cover was the worst-selling of 2010, and her Vogue cover was the magazine’s third-worst-selling. (Oddly, she was Allure‘s best-selling cover girl, though!)

Jessica Simpson is queen of a $1 billion clothing empire, but her issue of Marie Claire, where she (supposedly) posed sans makeup was their worst-selling issue of the year. Another girl on the verge of overexposure, Rihanna fared better. Her GQ cover was the magazine’s second-best seller and her Seventeen cover was that title’s bestseller.

I love The Cut‘s quote regarding all of this:

“So it seems the way to sell a lot of magazines these days is to not put girls on covers just because they’re blonde, pretty, and everywhere all the time (dear editors: WHY DO WE NEED TO SEE MORE OF THEM AND READ ABOUT HOW FAAAHBULOUS SOME WRITER’S LUNCH WITH THEM WAS, IN WHICH SAID STARLET — GASP — ORDERED FRENCH FRIES?), but women who are provocative, either because when they’re not near-naked, they’re wearing something that makes them look totally, awesomely insane, or because they run a household with Brad Pitt.”

Major lol at how every ass-kissing celeb interview has the part where the starlet orders fries and the writer makes a big deal about how aweeesome that is! Hee.

What celebrity magazine covers motivate you to buy? Does Gaga make you open your wallet? Or would you rather read about Taylor? Let me know in the comments!


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