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The Art Of Second Day Hair

You’ve certainly heard this hair advice a million times: For healthier, shinier, happier hair, don’t wash it everyday! But how do you style your second day hair without having totally uncool/unintentional bedhead? Here are my can’t style without ’em tips and tricks for second day (and post-gym!) hair.

First of all, ditch your regular pillowcase and get a satin one. This will help reduce wear and tear on your hair as you sleep and will help you wake up with less bedhead. To avoid tangles, put your hair on top of your head in a loose scrunchie, but avoid a tight ponytail, which will cause breakage and hair loss around your temples.

In the morning or after the gym, pop on the Perfect Shower Cap when you shower, to protect your tresses from hot water and humidity. It’s designed to protect and prolong your blowout by soaking up shower steam and moisture and will leave your hair safe and dry while bathing.

For those with wavy or curly hair, grab a plain old spray bottle and fill it with filtered water. Lightly mist your hair to perk up flat spots. Or you can you a hair refreshing product, like Ouidad Botanical Boost. I also gently comb out my ends, but truly curls girls will probably want to stay away from combing. I also dampen and re-blow dry my bangs unless I am pinning them back for the day. And for curly/wavy girls, add a touch of styling cream or leave-in conditioner to take away frizz, concentrating on the ends–never applying at the crown or roots, which will just weigh your hair down.

Recently I’ve been using Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner, which contains the much-hyped ingredient of coconut oil and does not contain silicone.

For girls with stick straight hair (or if you’re trying to extend the life of a blowout) try a dry shampoo on day two. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry is a great one to try.

And if all else fails, hair accessories are your BFFs for second day hair. Lock & Mane has my favorite selection of gorgeous hair accessories, like this amazing Petite Spiked Headwrap from Jennifer Behr.

Or this Sixteen Row Crystal Braid by Jennifer Behr.

These Covered Button Satin Pony by Jennifer Ouellette would transform any simple ponytail into an instantly glam updo.

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