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New Bangs Vs Old Bangs

Kristen, the gorg blonde Bostonian behind the great blog Triple Max Tons, recently chopped new bangs! I love her new fringe. And I’m totally jealous because hers are perfectly styled, cute, and don’t get in her eyes…

Mine are the exact opposite right now. Yes, I’m still trying to grow out my bangs and recently they’ve taken a dramatic turn from “side-swept” to “crazy lady”. They’re long enough to constantly get in my eyes, yet short enough to not properly blend into the rest of my hair or tuck behind my ears. As I was styling my hair on Thursday night, it dawned on me that I hadn’t had a professional haircut since… July. I made an S.O.S. call to Argyle Salon and booked an appointment with my girl Rebecca for next week. It’s so tempting to just ditch it and cut them again, but maybe if Rebecca just fixes the shape, I will be happy(er) with them.

In the meantime, fresh bangs = so cute!