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Scouser WAG’s Weave is F’ed

This unfortunate weave-owner is Alex Gerrard. She’s wife of Liverpool soccer/football/whatever captain Steven Gerrard. I have no idea who either of them are, but they’re apparently famous in the UK.

There are so many phrases in this Daily Mail piece that I had to look up! WAG? (An acronym used by the British tabloids to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile football players. Oh!) Scouser? (Someone who comes from Liverpool. Um. Oook.) Chuffed? (Pleased or delighted.) This is kind of fun, actually! And it’s weird that WAG, scouser and chuffed all sound like they’re going to be bad things, but are not.

Anyway, back to poor Alex’s hair. This is just all kinds of wrong. It looks like her stylist just glued a big weft of hair on top of her own hair. Or is that sewn in? I can’t tell, but it does not blend in at all and it looks painful. I want Jordana Lorraine to help her!

Even when all of her hair is laying down flat, it looks like she needs more hair to blend the layers. DM is right, it’s very Britney Spears.