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How To: Perfect Chignon In 4 Steps

For a night out, sometimes you just want your hair up off your face, but you can’t always book an appointment with your stylist for a professional updo! Hairstylist Ashley Hanna-Pisciotta from Mizu in New York for StyleCaster demonstrates how you can create a totally chic (and totally simple) date night chignon in just four steps!

Step One: Part hair completely down the center and pick a side for the chignon to rest on. Pull hair to one side and create two ponytails, one in each hand.

Step Two: Tie the hair into a loose knot.

Step Three: Wrap one side around to the right and stick a hair pin in to hold. Repeat on the left side and hold with a pin.

Step Four: Finish off with Oribe SuperFine Hairspray. (I love this stuff. It smells divine!)

All photos courtesy of Bill Schultz for StyleCaster.