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How To: Get Red Like Emma


I’m on a major red hair kick right now. It just looks so right for fall. In particular, I’m really loving Emma Stone‘s red hair. Sometimes it looks dark red like at the photocall for Easy A in Berlin last week.


And sometimes it looks more bright orangy red, like when she appeared on a TV show in Madrid, Spain. (I think it’s the light because red hair looks really different in dark light or direct light.) Also, I really love Emma’s beachy waves here. So, so cute. Here’s a Beach Waves How To, if you want to try the look.


Red hair is a notoriously difficult color to achieve unless you were born with it. If you don’t have natural red tones in your hair, it can be super tricky to keep the color because it fades so fast. Marie Robinson, owner of Marie Robinson Salon in NYC tells Shape that fiery strands suffer most from premature fading because the red dye molecules are larger than those in other shades, so red hair color slips out of the hair shaft more quickly. Here’s how to keep your color where it belongs, so you can have gorgeous red tresses like Emma!


Wait 24 Hours – After coloring your hair, wait a full day at least to wash. “Detergents in shampoos can open up the cuticle too soon, rinsing away some of the red hair dye,” says Pepper Pastor, owner of Pepper Pastor Salon in NYC. When it’s safe to finally suds up, use a formula without harsh cleansers, like sulfates, that strip red hair color.

Wash Hair Less – Shampooing daily can fade your shade fast. So try to skip a day or two if possible. (HOTB recommends using a dry shampoo spray, like Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray to extend the life of your blowout!)

Commit to Conditioner – “Your hair holds onto dye better if it’s healthy,” says Rita Hazan, owner of NYC’s Rita Hazan Salon who recommends using a deep-conditioning mask once a month. Try Frederic Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care Rapid Results Moisture Mask, which also blocks UV rays. Too much sun can affect any color, but red hair color bleaches the fastest.

Beat the Heat – Styling tools, like blow-dryers and irons, can make your hair porous, allowing the color to seep out more easily. Drying it out at high temps also causes it to lose its luster. To avoid both scenarios, spritz on a thermal protectant before styling, use the lowest heat setting possible, and opt for finishing products formulated for a dyed ‘do. Check out L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Hold Hairspray formulated especially for color treated hair.

Go For a Glaze – Apply a glaze (or gloss) four weeks after you color to boost shine and intensify red hair color without altering it. One to try: Beyond the Zone Glam Street Glazes in Jaw-Dropping Red.

For more tips on how to keeping hair healthy when styling, check out Shape.com! Image source.