Captain Mr. Chic

Are there times when you think the celebrity life isn’t really all that glamorous and really must be a lot of hard work? Well… Maybe. Imagine floating on the high seas in a yacht with Giorgio Armani, Bar Refaeli, and Naomi Watts…. Sounds kinda glam, right? In the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Armani offers a tour of his yacht, “The Main”, discusses his lifestyle, and chats with Refaeli about Leonardo DiCaprio. Check out some of the interview highlights:

“How’s Leo?” Armani asks, referring to none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, Refaeli’s boyfriend. “Oh, he’s good,” she replies. “He’s jealous I’m here.” “I’ll bet,” Armani says.

“What I like about being on a boat is the rhythm and the routines,” Armani says, seated in front of a minimal onboard fireplace. “They remind me of the military. It’s disciplined.” Naomi Watts, another guest on Armani’s Main: “He’s Captain Mr. Chic,” says the actress. “His yacht is a floating version of himself: sleek, chic, and very comfortable.”

For more photos & the full story, go to Pick up a copy of the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on stands November 23. Photo credit: Frederike Helwig for Harper’s Bazaar.

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