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GKhair Taming System Review


I talked about GKhair a few days ago, and mentioned that my sister-in-law, Michelle, was going to be interviewed by HOTB about her experience with the hair straightening system. (Of course, these days we can’t talk about hair straightening without discussing the F word: Formaldehyde. I asked the Gkhair company reps about their bottom line on formaldehyde. The company’s response is at the end of the interview, if you’re interested!) OK, onward! Michelle went to see Joanne Morrison at C Salon in Chicago for her treatment. Check out our chat, and the amazing before and afters, and check back next Monday when I announce a giveaway from GKhair.

Hair On The Brain: Michelle, how long did your GKhair Treatment take?

Michelle: The entire process took two hours–that includes washing my hair, applying the products, and drying my hair.

HOTB: Did you experience any eye burning or a strong smell while the process was done?

Michelle: Yes, I did. My eyes started to burn and tear up as the stylist was applying the product. It lasted for a few minutes. It would go away but then it would start again. This probably happened two times as she was applying the product.

HOTB: What was your hair like immediately after the GKhair Treatment?

Side view of Michelle's hair after the GKhair Treatment. So shiny!

Michelle: My hair looked amazing right after! (See before and after at the top.) The texture was very soft, silky, and shiny. And it was very straight. It looked the best right after it was done.

HOTB: After the process was completed, how long did you have to wait before washing your hair?

Michelle: 48 hours. It actually wasn’t that bad, but my hair did look oily toward the end. The stylist said to just go about my daily routine, but to not use clips, headbands, or rubber bands. And I couldn’t work out either.

HOTB: How does your hair look now?

After the break Michelle tells us how GKhair compares to the Brazilian Blowout, if she would get the treatment done again, and GKhair responds to the formaldehyde controversy.

Michelle: It’s been three weeks since I had the GKhair Treatment, and my hair dries straight a lot faster. It’s also not frizzy at all. If I want to get it super straight, which I usually do, I still use a flat iron. But overall, it has cut down on my routine because it dries straight faster with less frizz.

HOTB: Are you also using the GKhair after care products?

Michelle: Yes, I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and the serum. The shampoo and conditioner are good. The serum is very similar to Moroccanoil, which I used before to help straighten my hair. I haven’t used the leave-in conditioner spray or leave-in conditioner cream because I don’t like to use too many products on my hair before I dry it. So, I just use the serum only. I would have liked to have a product that I can spray on once my hair is dry for extra shine.

HOTB: How would you compare GKhair Treatment to the Brazilian Blowout?

Michelle: It is very similar. The only difference to me is that you cannot wash your hair for 48 hours after the GKhair.

HOTB: Would you get the GKhair Treatment again?

Michelle: Yes, I would for sure get it again! I like that the results are immediate. I care a lot about the texture of my hair, and this makes my texture soft, shinny and smooth.

HOTB: I’m glad you like the GKhair Treatment, Michelle! And thank you so much for doing this interview. You guys can follow Michelle on twitter!

Lastly, here’s what GKhair had to say about the formaldehyde controversy:

Global Keratin, the world’s leading hair taming system, has since its inception in 2006, been completely transparent on all products by listing all ingredients directly on the bottles. Global Keratin also provides an OSHA compliant Material Safety Sheet (MSDS) with every bottle purchased. Additionally, Global Keratin requires each stylist to go through GK’s certification process that focuses on the safety and proper use of all Global Keratin treatments and products.

Global Keratin pride itself on providing only safe and high quality hair care products to their stylist and consumers. Global Keratin has many laboratory tests and safety assessements from highly credible laboratories, and industry experts. It has always been Global Keratin’s mission to constantly improve it’s formulas and ingredients and will continue to do so in the future. As always, Global Keratin is available to any questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact Global Keratin.

For more information on GKhair Treatment, go to And stay connected with them on Facebook & Twitter for promotions and hair tips.

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