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Talking Pixies At Lock & Mane


I’m guest blogging again for my girls over at Lock & Mane, discussing how to decide if you’re really ready to take the pixie plunge! Thanks to Hair On The Brain reader Chelsea and our emails exchange about this very topic for the inspiration behind this post! (Heart you guys.) Here’s just at taste:

You are a perfect candidate for a pixie, if you…

Have a petite face with amazing bone structure. Pixies definitely work best on small faces, but it doesn’t stop there. It also requires high cheekbones and delicate bone structure. Don’t believe me? See amazing examples like Halle Berry, Mia Farrow, and Jean Seberg.

Have huge eyes. You know that doe-eyed, gamine look that all the iconic pixie girls have? That’s because their eyes are scary-huge and their shorn hair only accentuates their major eyes. See Emma Watson.

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