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Megan Fox's 'Passion' Hair


I am on the fence about Megan Fox. She’s beautiful, but I don’t like her predictable and kinda trashy style. That said, she’s yet to go off the rails ala Lindsay Lohan, so she gets points for that. I guess?


Anyway. Megan arrived to the premiere of her new movie Passion Play at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival wearing an elegant white Armani Privé dress, (I would have lost the red lip) and wavy style created by celeb stylist Creighton Bowman. “We decided a soft, and effortlessly natural look was the way to go with her dress which was sexy and short,” Creighton said. “I wanted to play up the beauty of her long, luxurious hair. The styling became all about products that would keep the hair looking fresh all evening long.”

How To Get Megan’s Long, Wavy Look:

  • Creighton started by applying Lisa Chiccine Thickening Volume Foam and then towel-dried Megan’s hair from root to ends. “I used it for this look because it’s really lightweight and gives a nice boost of natural-looking lift and volume,” he said.
  • Next, Creighton did a loose, natural-looking blow dry and sprayed a light mist of Lisa Chiccine Hold Weightless Satin Hairspray all over her hair.
  • Finally, he sectioned Megan’s hair and made random waves with a medium curling iron.
  • To finish, Creighton used a drop of Lisa Chiccine Shine, a great anti-frizz serum that doesn’t weight hair down.

For more information or to purchase Lisa Chiccine products go to lisachiccine.com.

And most importantly, I am curious what you guys think of Megan Fox and her look? Do tell!