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Lierac Paris Diopti Démaq Eye Makeup Remover

I’Lierac-Paris-Diopti-Démaqll be honest. Before I started using Lierac Paris Diopti Démaq Eye Makeup Remover, I’d been skipping eye makeup remover entirely. I was just using Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil to remove everything–sunscreen, face makeup, and eye makeup. And before then, I’d tried various eye makeup removers, but nothing really did it for me. Oil-free removers seemed too harsh and didn’t get everything off. Oil based removers were too greasy and left that weird film over my eyes.

But Diopti Démaq is totally different and completely worth the extra step. It’s a crystal-clear gel made from floral water of rose, cornflower, and mallow extract. And it gently removes makeup from eyelids and lashes without leaving that oily film. It contains Vitamin B5 and keratin to help prevent the loss of lashes and restore their strength and thickness.

As I have discussed before on HOTB, I have super sensitive eyes and eyelids and I had zero reaction to Diopti Démaq. (Yay!) It’s safe for contact lens wearers and does not contain parabens, alcohol, phenoxyethenol, added fragrances, or synthetic coloring agents.

To use: squirt a pea size amount on a cotton pad and gently apply eyelashes, working from the base to tips of lashes. Remove it all with another clean cotton pad. Works like a charm! Plus, I love that Diopti Démaq strengthened lashes, which is a nice added bonus! Especially when I am using Latisse at the moment too.

Lierac Paris Diopti Démaq Eye Makeup Remover was just released September 2010 and can be found select CVS Pharmacies, Duane Reade locations, or online at, or skinstore.comPrice: $24.00

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