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How To: Side Braid


Celebs like Ashley Greene, Audrina Patridge and a million others love to wear the Alexander Wang inspired side braid. It’s a cool, effortless style that’s here to stay. Sam Brocato, stylist and owner of the Sam Brocato Salon in New York City tells us how to recreate the look in four easy steps:

Step 1: First, pull all of your hair over to one side. If you want your hair to be behind the ear, be sure to shift the hair in that direction before starting to braid.

Step 2: “If you have straight hair, spritz it with a texture spray like Brocato Back to the Beach to give it a ‘not so finished’ personality,” says Sam. Smooth the top with your hand and start to braid. “A typical three-strand braid works perfectly, but the more you experiment the more personalized the look will be,” says Sam.

Step 3: Once the braid is in place, tie the end with an elastic hair tie. Now, hold the braid in the middle with one hand. Then, with your free hand take one or two strands of hair at the end of the braid and pull on these strands of hair. Now gently push the braid in hand up towards the scalp in one-inch increments. Repeat a few times. This gives the braid a chunky, disheveled appearance.

Step 4: “Finally, take very small pieces of hair near the end of the braid and pull them free so there is a sort of unfinished, messy look to the braid,” advises Sam. That’s right, the look is supposed to be messy, on purpose!

In order to get some side braid inspiration for fall, let’s check out some cute side braid action:


The always adorable Kristen Bell. I like how the front part of her hair appears to be clipped back along with the side braid, also her hair color is gorgeous.


Shantal Vansanten’s bananas-amazing super undone side braid! I’m not even sure who she is, but her hair is phenomenal and that’s all that matters.


I love this side braid on Nicky Hilton because of the loopy knotty effect in the middle section.


Kim Kardashian in a neat only sort-of side braid, but how could I ever leave out Kimmie?


Selena Gomez looking absolutely perfect. She looks like a doll! It’s freaky. I love her hair here. Totally spot-on in its effortlessness–although you know some stylist sweated to get it just right!


Dianna Agron doing the fishtail version of the side braid. I love a good fishtail, but this one is a bit too tight and looks odd with the pieces sticking out.

Is the side braid a style you like to wear? And do you have any favorite celeb side braid inspirations that I’ve missed?


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