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How To: Cat Eyes & Pony Twist

I felt full-body buzz inspiration over the retro-inspired hair & makeup from the Chris Benz Spring 2011 show. Er, maybe it had something to do with that third cup of coffee? No matter! These hair and makeup looks are exactly how I envision myself for fall. The designer’s inspiration was 1960’s Parisian pop singer France Gall. (I have a picture of her up here on HOTB somewhere but it’s not properly tagged, dang it!) Anyway, the lovelies at StyleCaster got backstage tips on how to recreate the 60’s-inspired looks from two members of the Chris Benz’s team: makeup artist Daniel Martin and hairstylist John Ruidant.

“Being that Chris’ inspiration [for this season] was 1960’s pop singer France Gall, and [that] the “Twiggy” eye was so iconic of that time, I wanted to modify it and make it relevant by adding a bit of quirkiness,” Martin said. “This year, the eyes are the main focus for sure–tons of mascara, pale shadows, and strong lines!” Here is how to get the look.


Step 1: Use a pale lilac, pink, or white shadow over the entire lid up to the brow. Martin used a pale pink shade by Lancôme.


Step 2: Engulf the eye with liner. Use a black liquid liner to line the top lid. (By the way, anyone have a recommendation for a good liquid liner? I am on the hunt…)


Step 3: Using the same liquid liner, dot underneath the bottom eye line.


Step 4: Use a black pencil liner to line the inner bottom eyelid.


Step 5: Finish with two or three coats of mascara.


Voila! Perfect 60’s inspired eye makeup. I love it.

After the break John Ruidant’s tips for recreating the “Pony Twist” at Chris Benz and a word on the lavender nail polish…

Step 1: Tease your hair.
Step 2: Make a simple low pony, and tease the tail. Slightly smooth out the tail so that it doesn’t get backcombed, but still retains fullness.

Step 3: Twist the tail (as you manually twist, the hair will naturally twist on its own).


Step 4: Bring the ends back to the base of the ponytail and tie off with an elastic to hold in place. Use hairspray to secure the look (Ruidant used Redken 18 Quick Dry.)


And finally, a word on the amazing creamy lavender hued nails at Chris Benz! They used “Lavender Groove” by Lancôme, which is due out this spring. (Boo. Hate waiting.) But word is this stuff is worth the wait. And I do love a good lavender!

(Story Source: StyleCaster / Photos: Larkin Clark)


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