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Anna-Lee On Styling During NY Fashion Week


Our hairstyling guru/blog bff, Anna-Lee Fiorino (on right) from Chaz Dean Studio is doing something super amazing right now–she’s styling model’s hair for New York Fashion Week! And she took the time to chat with Hair On The Brain about her experience so far…

Hair On The Brain: I know this is your first time doing hair for NY Fashion Week. How did you get the opportunity?

Anna-Lee: Wen by Chaz Dean is doing the hair for the QVC Fashion Week shows, and I got into contact with a friend Joseph DiMaggio who was keying the Jen Kao show and he hooked me up.


HOTB: Did you go with a team of stylists that you are use to working with?

Anna-Lee: I went with the Wen by Chaz Dean team for QVC at NYC Fashion Week, and for the Jen Kao show, it was my first time working with the L’Oreal Professional team.

HOTB: So tell me what’s going on!

Anna-Lee: Well, today is the first official day and I just came back from Jen Kao. Friday and Saturday I will be busy with Chaz Dean and the WEN team for QVC at NYC Fashion Week.

HOTB: How was doing hair at Jen Kao?

Anna-Lee: It’s pretty memorable since one of my goals as a hairstylist was to work NYC fashion week, and today I got to do it! And the look was kinda amazing because it’s basically everything I love–disheveled Mad Max-esque with lots of texture, braids, and knots on one side.

HOTB: What are you doing next?

Jen-Kao-SS2011-1Anna-Lee: I can’t wait for live at NYC Fashion Week with Chaz Dean. It will be lots of brushed out curls with volume going wide rather than up on top. Very romantic! You just have to watch!

HOTB: Are you enjoying your experience so far, or is it totally crazy stressful?

Anna-Lee: It is AMAZING! I wish I could do it all the time. New York is extra amazing during this week!

HOTB: I’m so glad you’re having a great time. I’m getting excited just talking to you about it! Do you have any crazy  stories you can share with the Hair On The Brain readers? Any models freak out on you yet?

Anna-Lee: I was so excited that I got to the event over an hour early! The models were actually very sweet and nice and sleepy.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy Fashion Week schedule to chat with us, Anna-Lee! xoxo.

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