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You Had Me At The Hair…


Ok, so, I thought I was going to skip this season of The Rachel Zoe Project. But how can I resist such a giant fashion orgy? So many amazing clothes. Le sigh. And Rachel really is so talented as a stylist. All her clients at the Golden Globes last year–Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Paula Patton–looked phenomenal! Her constant badmouthing of Taylor Jacobson on the show really bug but I hope they secretly have some kind of financial deal worked out just for the show’s rating… Not sure what could be worth having your name dragged through the mud like that, but whatevz.


Onward! Team Zoe has a new stylist to take Taylor’s place, Ashley Avignone. I tried to hate her but they got me at the hair. Ashley’s hair is amazing. That side braid! Bananas! And guess who I just found out is her stylist? None other than Denis De Souza from Andy LeCompte! I love her style too. Let’s break it down…

Ashley’s Look #1:
– Black Chloe shorts
– Stripe Zara top
– Black Opening Ceremony boots
– YSL bag


Ashley’s Look #2:
– Chloe Boots
– JBrand Jeans
– Jenni Kayne Blazer
– Alexander Wang tee shirt & bag
– All Saints scarf


Ashley’s Look #3:
– Black Jenni Kayne jacket
– Urban Outfitters Dress
– Balenciaga shoes

Pics & info: Bravo