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Yay Or Nay: Angelina's Bangs


I’ve been asked a couple times today what I think of Angelina Jolie‘s bangs. Well, I’m not loving them. Bangs are tricky. Trust me, I struggle with my own! But I don’t like the curled-under aspect of these. It looks dated and is aging on her. And she’s the most beautiful woman in the world! It’s pretty hard to make her look less than totally amazing.

Picture 2

The side view of Angelina’s updo is weird too. Not liking this. And her bangs should be more side-swept than curled under. They need to be blow dried with a boar bristle round brush so they lay correctly. Instead, it looks like they’re curled under with an iron? Hmm…


Here are Angelina’s bangs with her hair down. It’s much better. (God. She is so incredibly gorgeous!) But I still like her with no bangs better. And if I were being super picky (I know. Who meee?) I would also request that she went a shade darker; I miss Angelina’s dark hair! But I’m feeling dark hues in general for fall… More to come on that soon.

What do you guys think of Angelina Jolie’s bangs? And thoughts/feelings on her current hair color?