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Taylor Talks Back


Are you guys watching the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project? Well… It sucks. I loved the first two seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project, but without Taylor Jacobson, the show totally blows. Now it’s just Rachel dragging Taylor’s name through the mud, constantly saying how she was so bitterly betrayed and backstabbed by Taylor and saying she’s is “drama”. I wanted specifics, and it seems like if you’re going on national television and trashing someone, you should give specifics–or at least give them a chance to defend themselves! During a staff meeting, Rachel and her husband Roger make vague comments about missing products, expense reports, and Roger says: “I’ve been getting behind the numbers, looking at the books. There’s a lot of things I’ve been doing since I’ve been here, and frankly things aren’t adding up, and that’s really all I want to say about it.” Hmm. Ok… Interspersed throughout the episode, are Rachel and Brad’s Greek chorus of: omg is that Versace dress going to get here in time for the Golden Globes? I dieeeeeeeee.


After the premiere episode, there was radio silence from Camp Taylor. She took the highroad, which I thought was pretty brilliant. Let that wackadoodle hang herself while selling $72 caftans on QVC. Of course, who really who knows what happened, but I still find Taylor Jacobson infinitely more interesting than the rest of the TRZP, and I miss her pouty face on the show. A few days ago, Taylor did an interview with EW discussing how she thinks the situation is “way too high school.” The whole interview is good, but I love this end part. It’s so Taylor. Check it:

EW: Everything we saw on The Rachel Zoe Project, though, was about Taylor being Taylor, right?

TJ: That was me. I was not happy. All I cared about was working, I just wanted to get the job done. You never know what is going to come up, you really don’t know.

EW: Anything you want to add?

TJ: I’m not an interesting person. I go to bed at nine and watch Gossip Girl! I pulled 150 looks yesterday all in one day. I’m tired.

EW: What was it for? A catalogue?

TJ: A catalogue.

EW: Well, I don’t believe you’re boring.

TJ: No, really. Sometimes, I’ll get drunk by myself. I’ll put on hot pink lipstick and my boyfriend will be like, “Why do you have full on makeup on? And why are you walking around in the middle of the night? What are you doing??” [Laughs]

Aw, see? I miss Tay. And also:

I’m such a Taylor.