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Take Cover With Smart Cover


Summer in full sweltering swing, and clothing choices are being whittled down to what’s going to keep you the coolest, which equals: Short-shorts, skirts, dresses, and bikinis. Lots ‘o leg action happening! But unless you’re Gisele Bundchen and being followed around by a personal airbrusher, you probably deal with scars, spider veins, stretch marks, sun damage, and/or some other skin issue. Which, really, whatever. We’re all human! But sometimes it would be nice to not have to rock that big fat bruise on your shin when you’re wearing a mini shirt, right? In comes Smart Cover, the easy-to-apply concealer that covers and is water-proof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof. It’s used by two-time Academy Award nominee and renowned Hollywood make-up artist Christina Smith. She uses the product on celeb clients including Julia Roberts, Gisele Bundchen (oh hey!), Ali Larter, and many more.


The ten-piece Smart Cover Starter Kit includes several different shades of the Concealing Crème, from light to dark, so you can mix & match to create the perfect shade. It also comes with a Color Corrector to neutralize a specific affected area first allowing the Concealing Crème to cover completely and blend seamlessly into the skin. Moisture Primer Lotion, Vitamin Beauty Stick for eye area, Camouflage Brush, Blending Sponges, and Travel Case are included as well.

I tested Smart Cover on my aforementioned shin bruise. I used a thin layer of the Moisture Primer Lotion and then the Color Corrector first and then used the Concealing Crème in Light Beige. It went on smooth, and I blended well with a sponge. In the direct sunlight I could tell the color did not match perfectly (maybe I should have mixed with other colors) but it still looked pretty good! Mostly you can’t tell I have a bruise. I would definitely use this stuff on my legs again. Also, Smart Cover can supposedly camouflage tattoos, although I did not test it for that.  Price: Smart Cover Starter Kit, $29.75 & Concealing Crème, $15.00

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