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Sister Power


“I’d love to get Michelle Obama in the Row,” Ashley Olsen tells Harper’s Bazaar in the September issue. “The simple suits and things. It’s all made in America, so why not?”

We all remember when both Ashley and Mary-Kate were being followed full-time by the paparazzi, but now that they both have moved to New York full-time, we see them less. “We’re either at home or here at the studio,” Mary-Kate says. “I think they got bored of us.”

And of their unique style, Mary-Kate says we have their mother to thank. “When we were growing up, our mother taught us never to have your bellybutton exposed,” she says. We’ve always been attracted to longer– “Layers, silhouettes,” Ashley says, finishing her sentence.

Photo credit: Heidi Slimane for Harper’s Bazaar.


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