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How To: Perfect At-Home Hair Color

StyleCaster Beauty posted this great do-it yourself hair how to video with the much buzzed about Marie Robinson, Clairol Director, previously with Sally Hershberger. It shows you how to dye your own hair at home so you can save your pennies in-between salon visits!

Watch the video above to learn how to choose the right shade and successfully dye your strands, and follow Robinson’s steps below for a salon-worthy dye job:

Step 1: Choose a shade within two levels of your current hair color.
Step 2: Section your hair off into three sections.
Step 3: Mix the products from the kit together to create the dye.
Step 4: Beginning at your part, apply the dye and blend with your fingers.
Step 5: Apply to the remainder of your hair, until the hair is saturated.
Step 6: Rinse hair and apply conditioning treatment.

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