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How To: Emily Blunt's Emmy Hair


Emily Blunt looked as amazing as ever as she walked the red carpet at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards with new husband John Krasinski. I love her lavender Dior, but what made the whole thing was her bag, jewelry, nails and her HAIR! Loved her hair. It was styled by Emily’s long-time friend/stylist, Laini Reeves, co-owner of the new Essensuals London Salon on Melrose Ave in LA. Laini also styled Emily’s hair for her wedding, but last night she created a fresh & sophisticated look for Emily, inspired by the iconic finger waves of the 20s.


Laini used the lightweight, instantly-absorbed argan oil-infused Moroccanoil products to style Emily’s shoulder length layered hair into a beautiful waved design that fell slightly below the jawline on the sides, and with shorter, pin curled accents at the nape of the neck. “We wanted to create a look that was very different from any that Emily had worn before,” Laini says. “Once I saw the gown, I knew that a modern look based on the waved looks of the 20’s was the perfect compliment for the design.”


How to Get Emily’s Emmy Look:

  • Laini first shampooed Emily’s hair with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo to leave it soft, shiny and well conditioned for the intricacies of styling.
  • After mixing a cocktail of Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream and the original Moroccanoil Treatment, Laini worked the blend from the middle to the ends of the hair to control ends and flyaways and provide natural-looking, soft hold.
  • Next, Laini made a low side-part on the right and then pin curled the hair in alternating patterns towards the left and behind the right side. “Since Emily’s gown had a beautiful beaded accent on the right shoulder, I wanted to place the hair behind the ear to show this off,” Laini says. She made the pin curls in the classic way, pinning three alternate rows of of them–anti-clockwise/clockwise/anti-clockwise.
  • Laini then misted Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray on Emily’s wet hair and let it air-dry for one hour while make-up was applied. “I didn’t use a hairdryer this time since I didn’t want the hair to appear blown in any way. I wanted it to look authentic with all the ends nice and neat,” she states, “so the waves would look softer yet controlled when they were brushed.”
  • Once Emily’s hair had air-dried, Laini released the pin curls and raked her fingers through the hair. Laini used a panel brush to keep Emily’s hair flat to the head so it wouldn’t disturb the root movement of the wave, and gently brushed from part to ends so her hair fell into a lovely wave.
  • Finally, Laini shaped and styled the flow of the look by framing the left side of Emily’s face with a cascade of waves. Then she placed a hidden hair pin to hold it in place.
  • To accent the look, Laini attached a diamond accessory in the hair above the right ear. She crossed two bobby pins, clipped on the earring, and sewed it in with silver thread.
  • Since they wanted the style to look a bit shorter and also accent the nape of her neck, Laini created a pin curled, textured effect at the nape.
  • Laini finished the look with a quick mist of argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to give Emily’s hair a beautiful hold without compromising on softness, movement or shine.

All the Moroccanoil products used to create Emily Blunt’s hair can be found in fine salons and spas and at moroccanoil.com.