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How To: Drew's Beach Waves


Love it or hate it, I got a lot of requests for how to do Drew Barrymore’s wavy beach hair! There are all kinds of ways to get this type of look, depending on your hair’s texture, but a super easy way is to just add some mousse to towel-dried hair. Scrunch it up and twist random pieces as it dries. Whatever you do, don’t brush or comb it. Another more effective (and more labor intensive process) adds in waves with a curling iron. Here’s how to get the look!

  1. Start with clean, damp hair. Spray your roots with a volumizing/texturizing spray and comb it through. If your hair is curly, throw in a dab of straightening product too. Blow dry straight.
  2. Once your hair is completely dry, part it as you normally would and then section it into four section and secure each section with clips before curling. It’s much easier to curl your hair once it is sectioned. Now that I do this step, I’m a lot more successful when curling my hair!
  3. Use a wide-barrel curling iron to curl 1-inch sections of your hair. Squirt each strip of hair with a styling spray, like Bumble and bumble Styling Spray for lasting hold. Wrap the hair around the iron (not clamping and twisting) leaving the ends out. (Note how Drew’s ends are straight.) And don’t curl all the way to the crown; you want the top section to be smooth.
  4. As you curl, mainly curl away from your face but sometimes alternating directions of the curls.  Also, it will look more natural if you vary the curls, doing some tight, some loose.Hold each curl around the iron for 10-20 seconds.
  5. Roll the still-warm curl to your scalp and pin it with a bobby pin. This step will ensure your curls really set.
  6. After you are done curling, let your hair cool and then unpin the curls. You can loosen them with a cool shot from your hairdryer (set on the lowest power setting), or break them up with your fingers. Again, don’t comb or brush your hair.
  7. Smooth down the top section of your hair. And then add a bit of product, being careful not to overdo it. You don’t want to weigh your hair down or leave the waves looking too crunchy. If you want a super beachy look like Drew, go with a saltwater spray, like Philip B’s Maui Wowie Beach Mist or Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. If you want your waves to be more soft and shiny, opt for a shine serum like Liquid Gloss by Sebastian. Either way use a light hand.
  8. If you’re going all the way for Drew’s look, section off a few random sections underneath the top layer of your hair and tightly braid them. Secure with a mini clear Goody Elastic Band. Finish with a touch of hairspray.

What do you guys think of this how to? Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to achieve wavy beach hair? Spill your secrets in the comments!