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How To: Cut Your Bangs Like A Professional


If you have bangs, you know how it feels when they are way past due for a trim, and you’re stranding in front of the mirror with a pair of kitchen shears (or worse, cuticle scissors!) trying to clip them back into submission. My advice? Put down the scissors and pick up the phone and dial your stylist’s number. Almost every stylist will do bang trims for free!


That said, if you must trim your own bangs, don’t attempt it without these top 5 snippy tips from celeb hairstylist, Riccardo Maggiore from the Riccardo Maggiore Salon, on how to cut your bangs like a professional in-between appointments:

  1. Get The Right Scissors! The scissors you have lying around the house are most likely too big and the blade too thick to cut bangs. The wrong scissors can easily cause you to make a mistake. Go to a beauty supply store to pick up some mini shears–having the correct scissors will allow for more precision and control.
  2. Cut Hair Dry. Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly prior to cutting bangs. If you cut hair when it’s wet, you may accidentally cut too much, as wet hair deceptively looks longer.
  3. Don’t Pull. Avoid pulling your hair down while cutting. The extra tension will make the hair seem longer, yet when you release them they will be much shorter than expected.
  4. Be Mindful of Technique. Take a sharp hair scissor, positioning them below the brow and cutting vertically in little choppy pieces, slowly chipping away from one side of the face to the other. Don’t try to cut your bangs straight across since it’s almost impossible to keep a perfectly straight line.
  5. Take Your Time. Stop and evaluate your cut; thinking carefully whether or not you need to cut more hair. It’s better to take your time and be mindful not to cut off too much at once.

The bottom line: Cut a tiny bit off your bangs to make them bearable for a night out. Then hide your shears, and call your stylist first thing the next day! Leave it up to the experts, people.