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Hair Battle Spectacular Premiere


Are you guys watching Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular? I wasn’t sure about this show, but I caught this first episode and it was pretty great. There were drinks being poured into giant updos…


Soccer balls nestled inside mounds of blonde extensions… And, of course, the usual Oxygen brand of dramarama. Brig from last seasons Shear Genius would have been perfect on this show. She was so miscast! One of the most hilarious parts is that all the contestants have vh1 style dating show nicknames, like Boss, Cajmonet (hee!) Fingaz, J-Ro, Malibu, Minista, Roo, Sexi Lexi, Tsunami, and Valley Girl.


My early fav, by a mile, is Fingaz! She is so left eye from TLC! Just re-watching this and damn! Down to the voice and everything!


In the first episode, the contestants had to design hairstyles inspired by cocktails, which also had to hold the cocktails. Hygienic!


Oh and Brooke Burns and Derek J are the judges. If you’re into hair stuff, you will love this show. I totally did! Even though the show is pretty d-list. Don’t expect Orlando Pita to pop up, but the show does have its own charm and energy. A lot of the contestants feel like they’re straight out of cosmo school. And in some cases, those kids can have 100x more passion and energy than seasoned professionals picked for a show like Shear Genius who are already very established in the biz and don’t really “need” to be there. (Giacomo, I’m looking at you.) Anyway, it was just the first episode, so we shall see…

Tell me did you guys watch? What did you think? And check out a sneak peek of the second episode!