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Are You Color Savvy?

brooke-burkeI hope some of you were able to make it out to The Grove on Friday to see Brooke Burke! I hear the Wella Professionals Color Discovery Tour was a major success–over 500 people stopped by on Friday & Saturday to meet some of the top stylists from Amadeus Salon, C the Salon, Duc Duc Salon, Forme Salon, Gavert Atelier, Hairroin Salon, Ken Paves Salon, Salon Eleven, Studio DNA, and The Doves helped kicked off the festivities on Friday. DWTS alumnus Jake Pavelka even stopped by!

And Wella Professionals shared some interesting information to with me about hair color that I thought I would pass on to you guys. They surveyed women about their feelings when it comes to hair and hair color in the “Are You Color Savvy?” survey. Wella Professionals asked women ages 18-49 to share the where, how, and why they color their hair.

Why Women Dye Their Hair? Women color their hair for many reasons. They may want to cover their grays, change their look or stay on trend. Regardless of their personal reasons, Wella found the “feel good” aspect was undeniable. A whopping 72% of women felt more attractive after they dyed their hair, 69% felt more confident, 49% felt more sexy, and 42% felt more youthful. With that kind of satisfaction, it’s no wonder 92% of women have colored their hair at some point in their lives!

Leaving It To The Pros. 64% of women visit the salon for hair color (instead of doing it at home). In fact, a landslide 97% of women trust and expect colorists to use the right products on their hair.Wella Professionals Celebrity Colorist Aura Friedman emphasizes how important it is for women to talk with their colorists about their color. Friedman, who works at the Serge Normant Salon in New York City, says, “When my clients sit in the chair, I like to talk through the whole package with them, taking into consideration their physical attributes as well as their lifestyle and desired level of maintenance, in order to make an educated decision that best fits her personal style. I explain which products I’m using because I trust Wella Professionals to deliver the best results, so that every woman can leave feeling and looking like her best self.”

To find out more, visit WellaUSA.com.