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Time For A Change

I want to cut my hair. (I knew this would happen post-wedding!) I don’t want to go too short, but maybe a long bob type cut. Once I take out my Hotheads Hair Extensions, my hair is going to be too layered (still. boo.) So I’m thinking it would be nice to take off some length. Plus, I’ve just had long hair for a while now, and it’s always good to change things up. I still have some bang action going on, though. A lob might be weird with bangs? So maybe some other type of short-ish or medium length layered cut? Hmm… Thoughts? I’m going to post some random haircut pics for inspiration. Let me know what you think!


January Jones‘ basic blonde bob cut looks so cute on her! Then again, she’d look fab with a bag on her head, so whatevez.


Emily Blunt‘s hairstyle looks like a grown outangled bob, but is actually intentionally cut that way. I think this is kind of cool and would just be a matter of taking off some length. This cut is still pretty long, although the back is slightly shorter than the front.


I have no idea who Krysta Rodriguez is, but I like this cut on her. But I think it’s too layered and tapered toward the ends, for me at least. It’s cute though, and I like the side-swept bang part.


I love this choppy shoulder length cut on Ashley Olsen. I’m curious what the back looks like though. I really like how this style looks wavy, but when Ashley had this style, she also wore it straight. I’m not sure how this cut would look with my current bang situation though.


I know. What? Rumer Willis? At this point, I’ve just accepted my RW obsession. I’ve never seen her in a movie or on a television show, and in fact, I’ve never heard the sound of her voice. Yet. Totally obsessed with the concept of Rumer Willis. I could get into it in more detail, but I will spare you. Tonight, I spent time looking back through old pics of Rumer trying to figure out what hairstyle suits her features best. I think shorter hairstyles look better on her. I like this cut a lot, actually!

Anyway. Haircut time. I have to think about it a bit more, though… My other thought is that I might just get a set of clip-in extensions to use once I take out these current extensions and keep it long… Decisions, decisions! I will keep you posted. ūüėČ