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How To: Summer Ponytails


My wedding hairstylist Kristen Gaby is great at putting together a topnotch (er topknot?) updo. But in a recent Facebook post, Kristen explains exactly how you can achieve a super cute ponytail style yourself–perfect for these scortchingly hot days we’ve been having! Here are some of Kristen’s top tips for how to take your basic ponytail and turn it into a sexy style.

Kristen Gaby’s Pony Tail Tips:

  1. Get Centered – The days of putting a ponytail on the top of your head are over! Unless of course you want to look like you should be playing hopscotch. Fashionable ponytails need to be secured in the nape of the neck or in the center of the back of your head.
  2. Loosen Up – All of your hair being slicked back away from your face is a little too intense and looks like your about to sweat it out at the gym. Side parts are beautiful with ponytails. However, if you have small features and pretty eyebrows, ala Kim Kardashian, then you can get away with slicking it all back.
  3. Tease It – Adding a little volume and height can balance out a round face. I recommend lightly backcombing your crown before you pull it back.
  4. Accessorize Your Pony – Since braids are very fashion forward, consider parting you hair to a side part and braiding both sides along your hairline and pull the rest back. If braiding is beyond your skills, go for a simple headband. Headbands are also super trendy and you can get them in a variety of colors. If you go for a headband then you can get away without a parting. Backcombing your crown and adding a headband is a very beautiful and polished look.
  5. Day Two ‘Do – Ponytails are a great option for second day hair. Just spritz your hair with some dry shampoo and loosely curl all your hair with a 3/4″ iron. After curling, loosely backcomb the crown, pull it back into a pony, leaving out some pieces around your face to frame it.
  6. Ponytail Brow Lift – Pulling your ponytail so tight that the skin around your eyes it pulled is a major DON’T in my book! You don’t want people offering you Excedrin when they see you!


Jennifer Aniston is a great example of how to rock a sleek, sophisticated ponytail with a side part. Note the volume at the crown and that her ponytail is secured about ear level. For that shiny look, flat iron your hair and mist a shine spray through your hair before putting it up. Finish with hairspray.


Jessica Biel is working a perfect example of the “Day Two Do” as mentioned above. I loved the loose curls and carefree texture. This is a great romantic look for a night out.


You can accessorize in a snap with a headband. Sandra Bullock is wearing her headband with a center part while the other two have it pulled straight back.

For more pictures and tips on how to achieve the hottest and easiest hairstyle of the summer, go to Kristen’s Facebook page. And to book an appointment with Kristen, email her at kristen.gaby@gmail.com. See you tomorrow, Kristen!