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How To: Naomi's Sleek Bob


Naomi Watts looked sensational at the premiere of Salt, wearing a new, shorter blunt bob with layered side-swept bangs. Inspired by the lines of the metallic strapless Gucci mini-dress that Naomi wore, celeb hair stylist Robert Vetica created a sleek look that referenced 60’s British pop, refined by a soft, natural mood. “It was quite a change for Naomi,” Vetica said of her hair.


“I cut two inches off, kept her hair blunt and collarbone length, and created bangs that swooped to the side,” he added. “The length is a bit longer in front and slightly higher in back. The bangs were first cut long and blunt, then razored and texturized to about the bridge of the nose so they looked lighter around the face and were easily swept to the side.” Vetica said that he really wanted Naomi to look fresh and young and really different.  “The look had to accent her gorgeous blonde color, have lots of shine and movement, and look really healthy and strong.”

How To Recreate Naomi’s Sleek Bob:

  • Vetica started with Moroccanoil Light because Naomi’s fine blonde hair tangles so easily but can’t take too much conditioner. “Argan oil-infused Moroccanoil absorbs right into delicate lightened hair, makes it easier to comb, gives it a smoother texture, and eliminates flyaways,” he says. “It also makes blowdrying faster, all without weighing hair down.” The strands looked light and airy, as if he didn’t use any product.
  • After Vetica blow dried Naomi’s hair and shaped it, he used Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for an added boost of shine for when Naomi appeared in the spotlight.
  • Vetica finished off with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to keep flyaways at bay for the length of the evening, while still allowing the hair to move. “I did a couple of quick mists from about six inches, then put a comb through the hair right away to loosen the look while keeping its hold.”

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