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Celeb Hair Collectors


When you get your hair cut, whatever ends up on the floor is usually swept away, right? But if you were a mega star, someone might be willing to pay some serious cash for your discarded locks! Recently, a snip of Napoleon Bonaparte’s hair sold at auction for $13,000. The lock of hair was claimed to have been removed from the Emperor of the French Empire’s head shortly after his death in 1821.

The collector who purchased Napoleon’s hair is not known as the biggest collector of celebrity hair. That title belongs to John Reznikoff of Fairfield, Connecticut. Reznikoff has an extensive collection of celebrity hair, including locks that belonged to Elvis, Michael Jackson, and one he claims belonged to Abraham Lincoln…

So, is there any celeb hair that you would pay to get your hands on? Maybe Justin Bieber?¬† ūüėČ

In case you can’t get enough of this topic, here’s more from the always-awesome NPR:


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