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Cam On Top


You know I love Cameron Diaz when she’s not speaking, so what’s better than a photo spread of the ever-smiling, booty-shaking, leg-alicious, blonde movie goddess? In the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Cameron Diaz reveals that she is more focused than ever on her career, her friends, and dating men, not boys. In the interview, Cameron opens up about dating bad boys, working with her ex, Justin Timberlake, and her “juicy booty.” (Ugh. Let’s skip that part.)


While Cam doesn’t dish about who she is dating, she does say, “I grew up with the Dodgers, but now I’m a Yankees fan.” So you can draw your own conclusions…. Cameron also says she’s always loved men and boys. “I don’t get hung up on what boys do. I don’t have a nagging nature. I feel like I can be a woman but also relate to a man. . . Who doesn’t like the bad boy, until you grow up and realize bad boys are not the way to go? I’m done with that.”


She’s also a woman who can stay friends with her exs, like Justin Timberlake. They are working together in the upcoming comedy Bad Teacher. “Justin and I have laughed together for years,” she says. He is the funniest guy.”

The August issue of Harper’s Bazaar hits newsstands July 20th.

Photo credit: Terry Richardson

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