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Brit's Weave: Just Like Us?


This week people are talking about Britney Spears‘ extensions. Again. Some more. Things look pretty a-ok from the front, but the back is a big hot mess.  I can’t exactly figure out what is going on here… It looks like really badly applied extensions on top of a lack of hair, I guess?

Ken Paves told People that is wasn’t that big of a deal. (Um?) He says it’s just, ” a case of bed head. Who hasn’t had it?” he asks. “The truth is that this is exactly how these extensions are applied,” Ken continues,  “however we are not supposed to see them, that’s all. There are thousands and thousands of women walking around whose hair looks just like that ‘underneath’. The remedy is simply to cover it up. It’s not a case of bad extensions, just a bad hair day!”

Yikes! Thousands and thousands of women walking around with this mess? This is not at all how my extensions look ‘underneath’, and I would think if anything Britney Speaks would have the money and access to the best possible extensions. I have never understood why she couldn’t get this situation sorted… And what the hell, Ken Paves? As an extension expert, he should be asking Brit to come into his salon to help her out, not saying this is totally normal. Right?



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