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Miley: In Driver Seat With Hair


Miley Cyrus cut off her long-as-shit extensions. Word is she spent nine hours at Gemini 14 salon in Manhattan last week and then revealed her new look at Sunday’s 21st annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. “She was going for a more mature look,” Gemini 14 colorist Vicki Vidov told People. “Her hair is shorter and the color was amped up–she has new brown and blonde shades mixed in.”


Miley preformed in the above getup, though, with a clip-in braid, perhaps? I dunno what is going on there, but I am tired of Miley, and don’t have the energy for her, like she’s the youngest child in a large Irish Catholic family. The one who just ‘gets away from you‘. Go do your thing, Miley. I hear SCRAM bracelets aren’t that big of a deal anyway.

Gemini 14 hair extensions expert Kristina Barricelli, told People, “Miley is really maturing. She’s becoming more of a woman. She wants people to respect the artistry. She doesn’t want to hear negative talk. And she’s in the driver seat with her hair.”


So. What do you think of Miley’s new hairstyle? Is totally pedestrian the new Cousin Itt?