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In-Depth Guide to Highlights

Recently, I got my highlights done at the Argyle Salon & Spa by Alfredo Lewis. He also did my Brazilian Blowout. I heart him; he is a great stylist and totally fun to talk to as well. After my BB, we did an interview about his start as a stylist and about his experience doing the Brazilian Blowout. And since that interview went so well, I asked Alfredo to answer all my highlight questions–from what a “Smudge” is to how often you should have your hair touched up to when to get a Brazilian Blowout with your highlights! Find it all out here–just in time for summer…

Hair On The Brain: You sort of painted highlights onto my hair instead of using foils, what is that technique called?

Alfredo Lewis: The technique I used is called Balyage. It means “to paint”.


HOTB: What is the benefit of Balyage vs. the traditional foil method?

Alfredo: I have been doing Balyage for over 15 years, and I feel that it gives the hair a more natural sun-kissed look, like when you see children with those amazing, natural highlights. As we get older, we lose that look, and I try to recreate it hat withBalyage highlights. Using that process you can also get closer to the scalp and there is less over lapping.


HOTB: What are your tips for caring for highlights and extending their life?

Alfredo: Try to not over wash your hair because washing your hair too much strips it of its natural oils. Use color safe shampoos and conditioners. There are several that I like, but my favorite is Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner. If you’re out in the sun a lot, use a leave-in conditioner with UV protection. Rene Furterer has a great one. If you swim, the Smoothing Serum from Brazilian Blowout is great to protect your hair from the elements. And lastly, getting a “Smudge” in-between highlights is a great way to extend time between full highlights, and it keeps your highlights looking fresh and shiny. A “Smudge” is a color process where you bump up the roots 1/4 of a shade to a full shade using a color with 20 to 30 volume for five minutes. You are in and out of the salon in less than 30 minutes!

Find out when to time your Brazilian Blowout if you have highlights, and how often to touch up your color, after the break!


HOTB: What about having highlights with a Brazilian Blowout?

Alfredo: Brazilian Blowouts are fantastic for highlighted hair. The only rule of thumb is that you color the hair before the Brazilian Blowout. If not, then you need to wait 10 days before coloring or highlighting. The Brazilian is a smoothing and conditioning treatment that eliminates frizz and gives the hair incredible shine, so doing one after highlights/color just intensifies the shine and seals the color. I like to do the Brazilian the same day because I think it locks in the color and reconditions, but it is fine to do it on different days if you want.

HOTB: How often should you touch up your highlights?

Alfredo: Everyone’s hair is different. It depends on how dark your natural base color is as well, but usually between four to eight weeks.


HOTB: Anything else highlight-y you would like to add for the Hair On The Brain readers?

Alfredo: We spoke a lot about Balyage highlights, but I also do foil highlights and lowlights. I think both have their purpose and both can be beautiful when done skillfully and properly. Foil is more uniform where as Balyage is more freestyle. With foil you are highlighting the whole strand where as with Balyage you are highlighting the outer strand. I chose Balyage for you because you had such a gorgeous base to work with, and for the look I wanting to create I felt that Balyage was best suited for you. A lot of colorists only do one or the other. Personally, I feel that it is important to know how to do both and do them well.

Thanks so much, Alfredo! If you are in the Los Angeles area and want your hair colored, highlighted, or would like a Brazilian Blowout, run on over to the Argyle Salon & Spa and visit Alfredo.  🙂

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