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Hotheads Hair Extensions + Wedding Trial

So! I got my extensions today from the super awesome Jordana Lorraine at Dino-Clark Salon in Santa Monica. It was incredibly easy and fast. Jordana also did some highlights + lowlights on my hair, so the whole process took a little while, but the actually extensions part was a piece of cake.

Jordana used Hotheads Hair Extensions on me, which are in the category of “Taped Wefts” in the Guide To Types of Hair Extensions. They are super thin, flat strips or “wefts” of hair with little strips of adhesive tape at the top that are attached onto your hair. They are good for someone like me who has fine-hair because they lay really flat against your head and are good for filling in long but thin hair–which is exactly what I was looking to do.


The picture above is of all the hair–two different shades. The photo came out a little dark, but you can see the little adhesive at the top. Each thin weft of hair just peels off that stack. One thin weft of hair is sandwiched one on top of the other, over your natural hair. The end result is very natural looking. Jordana layered two different colors so there is a multi-dimensional look that blends with my own hair, with no weird piecey streaks. It looks natural, but kinda not natural because who has this much nice hair? Not me, anyway. (By the way, I can SO see how this is addictive.)


The extensions last a few months and then you have your stylist take them out and have them re-attached. The same wefts of hair can be re-used a few times, but it does not have to be consecutively so you can give your hair a break, if you like. Because you can re-use the hair a few times, this type of extension is more cost effective than other types. The main rules for Taped Weft extensions are that you cannot use products with alcohol or oil in them because it harms the adhesive and will cause the extensions to come off, but you can wash and heat style them like normal.


That is the “after” photo of the back. Looks good, right? You can still kinda see the f’ed up layers I am growing out at the top (or “bangs in the back” as Jordana lovingly referred to them. ha.) but it blends so much better now! And the color match is perfect! Also, she layered the extensions after they were put in so they didn’t lay too heavy. Major thumbs up. And I know I am not showing my face… Maybe my wedding pics? 😉 Thanks to Jordana for the pics, by the way.


Part II of my day: I also saw Kristen Gaby at Dino-Clark Salon today for a trial run on my wedding day hair. Kristen says the most requested bridal hair is down and wavy with one side pinned back, like the above shot of Marion Cotillard. And that happens to be kinda how we’re doing my hair. Kristen is a great stylist and super sweet and easygoing. I know she will put me at ease on the day of. Kristen curled my new extensions into a cool looking wave that is still going strong right now (which is amazing because my hair always drops curl!) Check back soon because I am going to interview Kristen about wedding hair stuff soon.

To book an appointment with Jordana Lorraine for extensions, Brazilian Blowout and more,  you can go to her website, email her, or call her at 310-922-2645!

To book an appointment with Kristen Gaby, call Dino-Clark directly at 310-392-3951.


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