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Help For Summer Bangs


I am letting my bangs grow out a little bit from their blunt bang status right now, but this in-between stage is mega-annoying. I find myself constantly clipping them back with a bobby pin or a barrette. And, yes, I have even trimmed them a bit by myself, which is super dangerous, but occasionally onecessary. Especially during hot and humid summer months, bangs are prone to issues, like sticking to your forehead, curling up, getting greasy. But Allure magazine recently had some quick & helpful tips for keeping your bangs in order. And I happen to totally co-sign all their advice.

Snip! – Minimally snipping our own bangs is easy to do between salon visits. To trim your own bangs, first get a pair of professional hair-cutting scissors and then divide dry bangs into three even sections. Lift each section straight up, twist it, and cut into just the very ends; never cut straight across. This will give you a modern, piece-y finish.

Flat Line – A mini flat iron is great for smoothing out short, naturally curly bangs. You can even stash one in your desk at work for touch-ups. (Or toss in your gym bag!) Check out Nano Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron from BaByliss, just $29.99 at Lock & Mane.

Quick Clean – In the summer, dry shampoo is as essential. When your bangs look greasy, one spritz will leave them high and dry.

Stay Put- My bang saving grace is L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin hairspray. This stuff is liquid gold. It provides just enough hold but is not stiff or sticky. LOVE!

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